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Invisible Ring Setting, All You Need to Know

invisible setting ring in white gold

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One of the more unique ring setting types, the invisible setting is perfect for wedding and engagement rings for both men and women.

This ring setting creates an optical illusion, where the diamonds appear to be sitting in place with nothing holding them there.

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Here’s what you need to know about the invisible setting.

What is the Invisible Setting for Rings?

Invisible doesn’t mean that the ring isn’t somehow visible. It simply refers to a specific way the diamonds in the ring are held in place.

At first glance, the diamonds in an invisible setting appear like a single, large flat-cut stone. But a second look shows you that it’s in fact a number of smaller diamonds cleverly placed side by side and held together with no metal setting in sight.

Types of engagement ring setting

In most other settings, you can see the bezel or prongs holding the diamond in position but here the setting is invisible, and the diamonds look as though they’re sitting in place with nothing holding them there.

Invisible Setting Ring Designs

Invisible settings make for excellent engagement rings, when the diamonds are put together into the center to mimic a solitaire. This style of setting also works perfectly for men’s engagement rings and wedding bands, because of the neutral, look of the setting. they can also be used as accent stones to embellish the ring shank, which makes for a stunning look.

Here are some of our favorite invisible set ring designs:

1- Halo Invisible Setting – this ring design features the invisible setting as a focal point, meant to look like a solitaire diamond. The halo adds extra sparkle to the invisible setting.

invisible set engagement ring

Invisible Set Engagement Ring by Crystal Anchor. Check price here.

2- Accent Stones – Here the invisible setting simply acts as an embellishment, leading the eye towards the center stone. It’s similar to the pave setting in this design.

accent stones invisible setting ring

Invisible set side setting by EV Design. Check price here.

3- Vintage Style – This vintage design features several invisible set diamonds in a rustic gold setting for a minimalistic yet stylish look.

Vintage invisible setting engagement ring

Vintage invisible set ring by Paryani Jewelers. Check price here.

4- Men’s Ring – for a man who likes a little bit of bling, this ‘iced out’ looking invisible set ring is ideal. The design paved by diamonds makes for the perfect masculine looking jewelry.

men's invisible wedding ring

Men’s invisible set ring by JC Jewelry Gallery. Check price here.

5- Geometric Design – while square styles are the most popular, as they’re less complicated to make, invisible settings in other geometric shapes create an intriguing look. Notice how the diamonds are curved at the edges to fit into the frame.

Geometric invisible setting ring

Geometric invisible set ring by Best Estate Jewelry. Check price here.

6- Unique Designs – invisible settings are perfect to create bold and daring designs. Unlike pave and channel settings which tend to have a softer look, the invisible setting has a strong, confident appearance making it ideal for unique styles.

Unique marquise invisible set engagement ring

Unique invisible set marquise ring by DeKara Designs. Check this ring here.

How Are the Diamonds Set in An Invisible Setting?

While it might look complicated, the invisible setting actually is quite straightforward. Grooves are cut into the bottom section of the diamonds, which are then mounted onto a metal frame. The rails of the frame fit into the channels of the diamond, keeping it securely in position.

The metal frame is invisible beneath the diamonds, while the diamonds are fit firmly together to produce a paved look. There is a frame around the outer edges of the stones but nothing visible in between the stones.

How the Invisible Setting Impacts on Price

Four stone invisible setting ring

Invisible set ring with 4 center diamonds by Estate Antique Jewelry. See it here.

The invisible setting is like a cluster setting – it brings together a number of uniform small diamonds to create the illusion of a single large one.

With diamonds, all else being equal, the larger the stone the more expensive the price. Because invisible settings use small stones, which are much less expensive than a single large diamond, the setting can be less expensive than one with a diamond solitaire.

On the flip side, invisible settings take more work and effort to be created, so this can add to the price of the ring. They are complicated to create, and this can reflect in the price.

Pros and Cons of Invisible Settings   

Any ring setting comes with its inherent pros and cons. If you’re considering buying an invisible setting, here’s what you need to know.


  • Invisible settings can be more affordable based on a Total Carat Weight basis of the diamonds.
  • It’s a versatile element to add to rings and can be used to create unique rings for men and women.
  • These settings are easy to clean and maintain because there are very few grooves, nooks and crannies in and around the setting for dirt to get lodged within.


  • These settings can be difficult to resize depending on the ring design. If the diamonds pave large portions of the ring, then resizing that becomes nearly impossible and can damage the metal framework beneath.
  • Because the diamonds are set flush against the setting, with only the upper surface visible, light performance is reduced resulting in a less brilliant diamond.
  • As the diamonds in invisible settings have grooves cut into them, their value is impacted, which can be an issue if you ever plan on reselling the diamonds. 
  • Repairing an invisible setting is difficult and complicated, which is why it’s important to purchase from a reputable seller in the first place.

Before You Buy an Invisible Setting Ring

invisible setting ring - closeup

The invisible setting is an excellent choice to add sparkle and glamor to a ring, but it’s important that you’re purchasing from an established and reputable retailer.

As mentioned above, poorly made invisible settings can result in dislodged stones, uneven surfaces and poor durability. Quality is paramount when buying an invisible setting so check also that the retailer has solid after sales policy in case of issues.

Check that each stone is firmly held in place and that all the diamonds are uniform in color and appearance. A misaligned diamond can mean structural issues down the track.

Also check if the retailer offers a lifetime guarantee. Usually, for rings that have complex settings, the manufacturer normally provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Check this carefully as you wouldn’t want to spend more than the ring’s worth on repairs.

Should I Buy an Invisible Set Engagement Ring?

This depends on your lifestyle, preferences and budget. If you lead an active lifestyle, work with machines and tools or use your hands a lot for work in general, it’s best not to opt for an invisible setting as these don’t suit busy hands. But if you’re planning on taking off your ring before engaging in physical activity, then there’s nothing to worry about.

While invisible settings look amazing when well crafted, finding them can be difficult as not every retailer carries this more unique ring setting. You’ll have to do a bit of searching to find the right design or check to see if you can have yours custom made.

And finally, while a ‘solitaire’ invisible setting ring looks like a single diamond, it isn’t one and your friends and family are going to know this to. While you’re sure to receive a lot of compliments on a unique ring, you might also get the occasional “But why didn’t you get a single diamond?” comment. If this doesn’t bother you and you know you’ll love your ring down the track, go for it.