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Promise Rings for Men – A Buying Guide

Promise rings for men

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Promise rings are a versatile and personal way to make a commitment to someone special in your life. Promise rings for men are a popular for a couple to pledge their loyalty and love to each other without all the frills and expectations of society. Let’s take a look at how to choose promise rings for men.

What is a promise ring?

Promise rings are a special type of ring that’s been steadily rising in popularity in the last few decades. A much simpler and freer alternative to engagement and wedding rings, a promise ring also symbolizes the commitment between two people but isn’t tied to any specific tradition such as marriage.

Instead, a promise ring can be given as a symbol of any verbal commitment between two people, be it romantic love, familial love, or even platonic friendship. A promise ring can also symbolize a specific promise similar to purity rings which symbolize abstinence.

As such, a promise ring can look come in any shape, size, and design, it can be given for any reason as long as it involves a commitment, and it can be given by anyone to anyone.

What does a men’s promise ring look like?

Promise ring coordinates

Promise ring with coordinates by Stunning Custom. See it here.

Because the social “rules” around promise rings are virtually non-existent, a promise ring can look however you want it to look. Many couples who reject the marriage tradition exchange promise rings to symbolize their commitment to one another and such rings can look almost identical to a traditional engagement ring.

More often than not, however, a promise ring is something given from one partner to another before their relationship has gotten to the engagement stage. In such cases, a promise ring is viewed as more of a pre-engagement ring. When that’s the case, a promise ring typically looks like a smaller and simpler but still romantic and pretty engagement ring.

Nevertheless, in many other cases, a promise ring can be as simple as a naked metal band – whatever you think is suitable for expressing the commitment between you and your partner. Adding personalization to the ring is always a special touch. This can include engravings of quotes, words, coordinates of a special place, morse code and so on. the options are endless. 

Is a men’s promise ring with gemstones a good idea?

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone for engagement and wedding rings, and are also popular in promise rings.

If you don’t want to go with a diamond, virtually any other gemstone can work as well, as long as it’s hard enough to be suitable for a ring. Because promise rings are usually “less official” than engagement rings, non-diamond gemstones are used much more often.

However, in general, men tend to prefer rings without sparkling stones. Plain metal bands, with or without engravings and personalization, are often the most popular choices.

What is the best metal for a men’s promise ring?

Silver and gold are the two most common metals for promise rings. Harder metals such as titanium and tungsten are also a good options for a men’s promise ring as they’re durable and affordable.

If you know that the man you’ll be giving the promise ring too often plays sports or engages in some type of manual labor, picking a harder metal is a good idea as it will make the promise ring more durable.

How much should a men’s promise ring cost?

Promise rings traditionally cost less than engagement rings and men’s rings are also typically more affordable than women’s rings. So, promise rings for men are usually quite affordable.

More often than not, men’s promise rings cost somewhere in the 3-digits or low 4-digits. However, you can go as low or as high as you and your partner would prefer. As a promise ring is meant to symbolize a personal and heartfelt commitment between two people, the price and value of the ring aren’t much of a factor when choosing it.

Additionally, promise rings usually don’t go on to become inter-generational family heirlooms the way engagement rings often do. That’s because promise rings are much more personal so they are typically tied to the specific couple and their own commitment. This further negates the need for them to be too valuable and expensive.

When should you give your partner a promise ring?

A promise ring can be given for virtually any type of commitment. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Instead of an engagement ring if you and your partner don’t intend to get married.
  • Before an engagement ring as a steppingstone in your relationship.
  • To make a commitment of loyalty and that you’ll remain true to your partner while living apart from each other due to work or other reasons.

Promise rings can even be given between platonic friends to express a type of commitment between them. In that sense, fraternity rings can be viewed as a type of promise ring. The same can be said about purity rings, which are also types of promise rings. However, the most common context for promise rings is between couples and to signify a romantic relationship.

How to give a promise ring?

Promise rings are usually given at the end of a heartfelt conversation between the two people that are making the commitment. However, there aren’t any specific traditions about the whole process, as there is for engagement rings.

Neither of the partners needs to kneel when giving the promise ring, there’s no need to put the ring in a piece of cake or a glass of champaign and saying, “I do” isn’t really a necessary part of the process – you can just as well say “I promise”, “I vow”, or anything else.

As long as the promise ring is given as a part of the process of making a particular commitment, that’s all that’s needed.

Wrapping Up

Today, the trend of men wearing promise rings is rising. With celebrities like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra promising their love to each other with promise rings, this custom is only becoming more popular.