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Best Earrings for Stretched/Big Earlobes

earring for stretched lobes

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Understanding your ear’s anatomy is the No.1 thing to do before choosing the best earrings for yourself. In general, your jewelry should flatter the shape of your whole face. However, if you have more prominent and stretched earlobes, you would ideally want to focus on choosing pieces that can balance them out and minimize their look.

There are no hard and fast rules in the jewelry world, and fashion should be fun and enjoyable. Still, we would like to share a couple of things with you that might help you style bigger ears and find ear jewelry that will look stunning on you.

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How to Choose Earrings for Bigger Earlobes?

If you’re worried your stretched earlobes don’t look aesthetically pleasing, fear not; there’s a solution! And it doesn’t involve costly surgical reconstruction. It all comes down to choosing the right earring style that will give your ears that much desired spark while disguising the prominent earlobes.

Here are several tips and tricks that will help you achieve exactly that:

Tip #1. Size matters.  

The tiny and delicate jewelry trend is hard to follow if you’re a girl with bigger earlobes. For example, small studs or thin hoops are some of the styles you should avoid, as these can easily get lost on big lobes and make them look even bigger.

Instead, target larger statement pieces that can look stunning and spice up any outfit while doing a great job at balancing out your ear proportions at the same time.

Tip #2. Think of weight distribution.

To prevent your lobes from stretching even more, it’s all about finding the right balance. Any dangle earring style with a heavier bottom will increase the pull and swing, causing further damage to stretched earlobes.

Turn to lighter earrings as an alternative. You can still wear tassel, chandelier, and hoop earrings as long as they have an evenly distributed weight.

Tip #3. Cover up the droop.

There are many different earring styles that can cover up your elongated lobes, such as those that hug the entire lobe, or drop earrings with a more oversized top. Some dramatic hoops and studs can do this just as well.

Tip #4. Choose the proper backings.

When it comes to finding the perfect fit for bigger earlobes, it’s not just about the style of the earring itself but also about the fitted backings that will give your ear nice support. Pick disc-like and bullet backings that will provide you some extra comfort and help distribute the overall weight of the earring. This way, the weight isn’t focused only on the earring hole but rather over a larger lobe area.

Tip #5. Pick all the right materials.

With all of this in mind, if you’re still yearning for some dangling pizzazz, avoid jewel-beset chandeliers or beaded shoulder dusters. Go for lightweight metals or fabrics, such as feathers, for example. Alternatively, look for tube hoops or other hollow style earrings, giving off the illusion of luxury and volume without the added weight.

Best Earrings for Stretched Earlobes

If you thought your options are limited, you were wrong! There’s plenty of styles you can choose from, but we encourage you to go for chunky statement pieces.

To make your decision a bit easier, we have hand-picked the 12 best earring styles for stretched earlobes:

Ear Crawlers or Climbers

Ear crawlers

Stylish ear crawlers by Milan Mon Amour. See them here.

Think of your more prominent lobes as a blank canvas and fill it up with stunning ear crawlers, like the ones featured above. The unique design of these stylish ear crawlers climbs up the earlobe, filling in the empty space with genuine zirconia stones. This earring style is classy yet statement enough to glitz up any outfit.

Larger Stud Earrings

Larger stud earrings

Ruby and diamond cluster earrings by James Allen. See them here.

If you’re looking for an effortless and classic way of masking your bigger earlobes, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these ruby and diamond stud earrings featuring a halo cluster. The diamond cluster, surrounded by a gorgeous but simple ruby halo, creates an illusion of heavier earrings, adding a touch of elegance and color to any style.

Half-Circle Stud Earrings

pearl stud earrings

Half-circle stud earrings by Blue Nile. See them here.

With these freshwater pearl stud earrings creating a half-circle, you’ll cover up the more significant part of your lobes. For added sparkle, they also feature a beautiful and delicate sterling silver chain that is light enough but still makes a statement.

Lobe Huggers

Cuff earrings

Lobe cuffs by An Angels Hug. See them here.

Try out these oversized lobe cuffs that hug your earlobes and give them a nice cover-up. Minimalist in design, you can pair them up with several smaller huggie hoops, giving you a unique style earring suitable for day and night. Because they’re cuffs, they simply sit on your earlobe without causing much stress to it.

Open Circle Ear Jacket Earring

Circle earrings

Geometric circle earrings by Patination Design. See them here.

This minimalist geometric ear jacket features two open circles – one is sitting nicely on top of the earlobe, and the other, slightly bigger, surrounds it and makes it look smaller. This beautiful and stylish play with hollow geometric shapes provides a perfect combination of good size and weight.

Double Hoop Earrings

Double hoop earrings

Double hoop earrings by Blue Nile. See them here.

Similar to the previous ear jacket earring, these double hoop drop earrings achieve the same effect, playing with hollow geometric shapes. The minimalist and modern style makes for a perfect lightweight earring with an illusion of volume to balance your bigger earlobes out.

Double Circle Hoop Earrings

Hoops with stud earrings

Geometric hoops with studs by Blue Nile. See them here.

This is another excellent example of geometric shape earrings suitable for bigger lobes. With these front-facing hoop earrings, you’ll fill the lobes with two full-circle textured studs. And for extra volume and glamor, there are two larger dangling hoops.

  • Black Dangle Gauges

If you’re looking for the statement but elegant plug earrings, treat yourself with these metal dangle gauges. These will cover a larger area on your earlobes while giving that dangle moment at the same time. Cute and lightweight, these are perfect for all the ladies who love boho-style jewelry.

Simpler Drop Earrings

Drop earrings

Drop earrings by Blue Nile. See them here.

If you need the drop earrings drama with the diamond-like sparkle, go for a shorter and simpler drop earring, such as these aquamarine and white sapphire earrings. The oval and pear-shaped gems create a straight line longer than your earlobe, making them appear smaller while, at the same time, giving you the elegance and sparkle you crave.

Floating Studs

Floating stud earrings

Floating stud earrings by Lunai Jewelry. See them here.

Another interesting variation of the unique jacket-style earrings ideal for girls with stretched earlobes is perfectly showcased in these floating stud earrings. Mixing up different geometric shapes makes for unquestionably a modern and edgy piece, masking the proportions of the ear.

Chunky Tussle Earrings

If you don’t want to miss out on tussle dangle earrings, we would recommend choosing the ones with a chunkier top and a smaller tussle, as in these clay tussle dangle earrings with a subtle leopard pattern. These won’t way your stretched lobes down, as they have a properly distributed and balanced weight.

Feather Earrings

Feather earring

Statement feather earrings by Total Handmade. See this here.

If you’re a fan of longer shoulder duster-style earrings, skip on the heavy and gem-rich chandeliers. A beautiful alternative would be this glamorous feather earring with a full and thicker top earlobe part. These gorgeous baroque-style earrings with moss green fluffy feathers are the perfect statement fashion piece. With full-circle studs, these earrings will also nicely balance your bigger earlobes out.

To Wrap Up

All of the earring styles from our list are a perfect combination of comfort and statement. Just remember that having more prominent earlobes isn’t a flaw but a unique part of you that you should embrace.

With this in mind, go on and play with different shapes and earring styles, be bold and rock some gorgeous statement pieces of jewelry. Boost your fashion confidence, develop your own look, and don’t feel limited in any way.