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15 Best Gift Ideas for Gemstone Lovers

Gifts for gemstone lovers

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Gemstones are everywhere, from jewelry pieces to fashion, beauty tools and home decoration. Many use them for ornamental purposes, while others believe they influence our lives. Whether you may believe in crystal healing or not, we can’t deny that these sparkly gems are irresistible. Here, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for people who can’t get enough crystals in their life.

1- Birthstone Jewelry

Peridot dangle earrings

Peridot Dangle Earrings by Sada Jewels. See it here.

Birthstone jewelry is a personal and symbolic gift, as it carries special meaning that represents the wearer. Also, wearing one’s birthstone is thought to bring good luck, good health and protection. If you’re planning on gifting someone jewelry on their birthday, why not give birthstone jewelry? Unless they were born in April, you don’t have to go for diamond jewelry.

Aquamarine is the official birthstone of March, while November birthdays are associated with citrine and topaz. For August celebrants, you have three options, from peridot to spinel and sardonyx and December is associated with turquoise, zircon and tanzanite. Whether it’s a pair of earrings, necklace, or bracelet, it’s a great way of your showing your special someone how much you care.

2- Quartz Bottle Necklace

Essential oil diffuser necklace

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace by Muse411. See it here.

Whether she loves perfume or essential oils, a crystal bottle necklace will let her carry her favorite scent wherever she goes. Most crystal bottle necklaces are made of quartz like amethyst or rose quartz, but you may also find designs crafted from fluorite, labradorite, or even lapis lazuli. Just opt for a dainty and pretty design that doubles as a fashionable necklace.

3- Druzy Cuff Bracelet

Druzy cuff bracelet

Druzy Cuff Bracelet by Five Petal Designs. Check price here.

If she’s someone who’s into gemstones and geodes, she’ll surely love a druzy cuff bracelet. Generally, a druzy is the sparkly surface of a geode, commonly incorporated in jewelry pieces. They’re often varieties of quartz, calcite or garnet, and coated with dye, titanium or gold to create beautiful colors.

Sometimes, these stones are found in their natural and organic state which means they haven’t undergone any treatments or enhancements. The thought of wearing little pieces of ‘rock’ might seem intimidating for some, but it makes a bold fashion statement. In fact, it’s a perfect gift for women who love a carefree, bohemian style.

4- A Crystal Stacking Ring Set

Ring stacking set

Dainty Stacking Rings by Lulu McQueen. See it here.

If her fingers are lacking bling, consider gifting her a set of stackable crystal rings, taking her style to the next level. Stacking rings are slender, minimalist in design and meant to be worn with other bands. Opt for designs that feature pretty gemstones, be it faceted or in cabochons, to complement her style perfectly.

5- Crystal Face Roller

Crystal face rollers

Crystal Face Rollers by Pirate and Gypsy Jewels. See them here.

For the gemstone and beauty-obsessed, you’ll never go wrong with crystal face rollers. Did you know they date back to early 17th-century China and have been part of beauty routines among Chinese elites? These magical anti-aging skincare tools are said to improve blood circulation in the face, flush out toxins from the body, soothe the skin and help skincare products absorb better.

Jade is a calming stone that relieves the tension in the face, while rose quartz is great for puffiness. If you’re looking to buy a gift for someone who’s into mystical gemstones, jade would be a good choice. Jade is said to attract prosperity and good fortune, while rose quartz promotes self-love. There are different types of crystal face rollers made from various stones such as jade, rose quartz, amethyst, obsidian, or aventurine, so all you need to do is decide which one to choose.

6- A Crystal Comb

Amethyst hair comb

Amethyst Hair Comb by Gemonology. Check it here.

With beauty rituals and crystals becoming more popular, you might want to consider gifting her a crystal comb. Crystal combs stemmed from traditional Chinese medicine and are regarded the hair care equivalent of jade rollers.

These combs are undoubtedly beautiful and create a luxurious and calming experience. From rose quartz to jade, amethyst, black obsidian and lapis lazuli, she’ll comb away the day’s stress and tension while simultaneously aligning with her chakras.

7- Crystal Healing Stones

Healing crystals set

Healing Crystals Set by AtPerry’s. Check price here.

Not only are healing stones beautiful but they’re also thought to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. If your friend is still growing his or her gemstone collection, you may want to give them something they probably don’t have yet. You might also want to reflect on their qualities and pick a stone that resonates with them.

While amber is regarded as an empowerment stone for women, black tourmalines are believed to have protective powers that banish negative energies. On the other hand, fluorite is said to help clear the mind, allowing one to think clearly and organize one’s priorities.

If they’re on a weight-loss regime, a blue apatite crystal could work wonders since it’s believed to aid weight loss by suppressing hunger. If they’re struggling with stress every day, an amethyst would be a suitable choice since it’s regarded as a natural stress reliever.

8- An Amethyst Geode

Amethyst geode

Uruguayan Amethyst Geode by Eli’s Den. See it here.

An eye-catching alternative to the traditional floral arrangement, an amethyst geode is a work of art, adding luxurious and sculptural elements to one’s interiors. It’s said that the crystal promotes clarity and truth, while banishing negative emotions like anger, anxiety and fear. Whether your receiver believes in the mystical powers of crystals or not, they can still keep it as a beautiful souvenir that can bring good vibes into their home!

9- Agate Candleholder

Agate candleholder

Agate Candleholder by Gemonology. See it here.

If your loved one is into wellness and self-care, soy candles, diffusers and incense sticks are most likely a big part of their lifestyle. An agate candleholder would make a charming gift with a beautiful tea-light, be it for aromatherapy before bed or meditation in the morning. The best part is, it can double as a centerpiece of a dining table, or a glamorous decoration for the living room, making it a great holiday gift for just about anyone.

10- A Cute Gem Tree

Citrine and amethyst bonsai money tree

Citrine & Amethyst Bonsai Tree by Pyor. See it here.

For a home full of good vibes, a cute money tree decorated with gemstone chips as leaves makes a great gift. It’s said that different crystals are associated with different energies and healing properties, and these gem trees are commonly used for feng shui remedies.

While a jade tree is thought to bring good health, a citrine tree is believed to attract wealth and abundance. Rose quartz gem trees are associated with love and romance. All of these varieties are perfect for gemstone lovers, but you might want to opt for the crystal that suits your friend’s needs.

11- Agate Desk Clock

Aqua agate crystal clock

Crystal Clock by Gemonology. Check price here.

Crystals of all sizes and shapes have been a major trend in home design. If you’re looking for a natural, yet unexpected piece as a gift for your loved one, why not go for a gorgeous crystal clock? This clock is beautiful and brings a unique touch to one’s home. Mystical or not, an agate desk clock adds character and a pop of color to any setting, making it a wonderful present. It’s a practical gift that can boost productivity at work, while attracting positivity and good energies.

12- Stone Bookends

Agate bookends

Agate Bookends by Amoystone. See it here.

Who wouldn’t love to keep some favorite books between a pair of bookends made from beautiful stones? Our space should be a reflection of our character, making these stone bookends a must-have for gemstone lovers. Just opt for a chunkier and more natural-looking design, as if you’ve just picked them from a hike.

13- Natural Crystal Coaster

Natural agate coasters

Agate Coasters by GIC Gem. See them here.

The use of gemstones as household items has become highly popular over the years. If you’re looking for a stylish gift that will add a unique look to your friend’s home, these agate coasters would be a great choice. They’ll be appreciated as souvenirs, making a coffee or dining table more attractive. After all, gemstone lovers are fond of everything crystal, and each addition to their collection is treasured.

14- Crystal Water Bottle

Gemstone infused elixir water bottle

Rose Quartz Infused Elixir by SAOI. Check price here.

Drinking more water is a common new year’s resolution, so why not help your loved ones energize themselves with crystal-infused water? Beyond aesthetics, many believe that these crystals have healing properties, supporting the mind, body and spirit.

While there’s no science behind the trend, drinking water from an attractive crystal bottle can make you feel like drinking more and more. They’re perfect for anyone including athletic, active individuals and are quite popular among those who love yoga and meditation. Go for something stylish and Instagrammable.

15- A Comprehensive Gemstone Book

Gemstone book

Gem: The Definitive Visual Guide by DK. See it here.

Every gemstone lover will appreciate a visual guide to precious and semiprecious stones, along with their history, mythology and mystical properties. If your loved one is into gems, a book like this one packed with information and lavish photographs would be an ideal gift.

Wrapping Up

While many love gemstones for their natural, glamorous look, others believe they have mystical properties that can influence one’s life. It really matters to find something that fits your receiver’s personality, as it will reveal how well you know the person. With these gift ideas, you’ll be able to pick the most perfect and intimate gift for the gemstone lover of your life!

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