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Sticking to One: Using Your Wedding Band as an Engagement Ring

Using your engagement ring as a wedding band

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Many women dream of their man going down on one knee to pop the biggest question that will change their lives forever. While some men dream about this moment too, more often than not, it comes with a bit of dread on how to prepare the perfect proposal.

If you’re at this stage of your life, one of the burning questions on your mind probably is ‘how many rings should you buy?’ Is there a difference between a wedding band and an engagement ring?

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In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at what these kinds of rings are and whether or not you need to invest in two separate rings for the love of your life.

Wedding Band vs. Engagement Ring

A wedding band and an engagement ring are technically two distinct kinds of rings. While both rings supposedly display undying love and commitment to a partner, they’re used on separate occasions.

Typically, an engagement ring is a ring worn by a woman after a successful proposal. It’s usually a smaller ring with a bigger rock or gemstone in the middle. Some men also buy matching engagement rings to wear after the proposal, but that’s not mandatory.

Since the popularity of DeBeer’s diamonds in the 1940s, most men usually buy diamond rings to propose with. However, in modern times, this is no longer a rule. There are a lot of gemstones used as the centerpiece for engagement rings including moissanite, sapphires, rubies, black onyx, and emerald.

Wedding bands, on the other hand, are the rings worn by the couple at the beginning and all throughout their marriage. These rings are usually blessed by a church and presented at the altar during the wedding ceremony. Unlike engagement rings, wedding bands traditionally have a simpler design and they’re purchased together as a set. The husband’s ring is usually a lot thicker than the wife’s.

Pros of Buying a 2-in-1 Couple Ring

Now that you know the difference between wedding bands and engagement rings, you might be wondering if you can wear your wedding band as your engagement ring as well. Here are the advantages of buying just one ring:

It’s one less thing to worry about.

Weddings usually take at least 6 months (or more) to prepare for. With all the things you need to keep up with, having just one ring for both occasions would definitely ease your mind a little bit. You’d also be able to focus your attention on other important things like what to wear and where to say your vows.

Having just one ring is more affordable.

Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford to buy one very fancy ring, let alone two, so it’s a lot more practical to invest in one ring for both the engagement and wedding dates. Besides, you’ll still need to pay for many other things for that special day, like your outfit, flower arrangements and catering services.

You can choose to spend on a more impressive ring.

If budget isn’t really a problem, you still have an option of splurging on a single ring, instead of two. Diamond rings can be quite expensive and by choosing to wear just one, you can make it the focal point of your hand.

One ring may be more comfortable than two.

People usually don’t wear multiple rings on one finger. Regardless of how gorgeous the engagement ring could be, it may also be a bit uncomfortable to wear with the wedding ring. It could also be an issue if you have small hands. Some people prefer to solder their wedding and engagement rings into one, but this has its pros and cons.

Cons of Buying a Combo Ring

While there are great reasons to choose just one ring for engagement and marriage, there are also a few disadvantages. Here are the cons of buying a combo ring and why it might be preferable to buy two rings separately:

You might dream of having two rings.

Some brides dream of saying “I do” with an entirely new ring that matches their partner’s, so if this is the case, then there’s really no other way around it. After all, having two rings to mark two of the most important days in your  life could mean a lot. If this sounds like you, go for two.

You miss the opportunity of getting matching rings.

Nowadays, jewelers make sets of engagement rings and wedding bands that fit perfectly together. By choosing to buy just one ring, you might lose the opportunity of getting your bride something different that she might love.

Best Combo Ring Designs

If you’ve decided that you’re getting a single ring for both the engagement and wedding day, then that’s perfectly fine. You can still have your typical proposal, and then make your vows with the same ring. There’s something very poignant and meaningful about that too.

Here are our top picks for the best combo ring designs that you can wear during your engagement and when you finally tie the knot:

Garland Diamond Rings

Garland diamond ring

Garland diamond ring in platinum by Blue Nile. See it here.

Nothing says ‘engagement’ than a classic diamond ring. However, what makes a garland diamond ring extra special (and wedding-worthy) is its intricate design that could either span half of the ring or the entire ring itself. The garland design makes this lovely ring stand out from the crowd and is definitely enough to be a stand-alone ring on your finger.

Princess-Cut Diamond Rings

Princess cut diamond ring

Princess cut diamond ring by James Allen. Check price here.

Another diamond ring that would suit perfectly for both the engagement and the wedding is a princess-cut diamond ring. These kinds of rings are usually made for an engagement but who says you can’t use them for your wedding day as well? If it’s as beautiful and as expertly created as this specific princess cut diamond ring, your bride won’t miss having a second ring at all.

Eternity Rings

Traditionally speaking, eternity rings are favored by older married women who’ve reached a significant milestone in their married lives. But, there aren’t really any set rules to follow on what kind of rings to use when exchanging your vows. With a diamond-eternity ring, no one would question your taste on using the ring for both the engagement and on the wedding day.

Twist Wedding Rings

Twist ring

Stacking diamond twist ring by Diamond Fine Jewelry. See it here.

Twist rings make for great engagement rings and wedding bands because of their unique and gorgeous design. Twist rings combine both simple and intricate patterns of metal and diamonds for one spectacular ring. Not only is this ring beautiful and elegant, but it’s also comfortable and perfect for every day wear.

Customized Rings

Customized wedding ring

Customized sterling silver wedding ring by Custom Jewelz Co. See it here.

If you want the ring to be extra special, then the best way to achieve that is to by purchasing a customized ring from a trusted jeweler. You won’t even need to go out of your home to purchase a customized ring because jewelers actually offer this option online. By choosing a customized ring, you’ll have a truly unique combo ring that would suit for both the engagement and wedding day.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, the type of ring or number of rings you choose is entirely up to you and the love of your life. Regardless of what you choose, the ring will symbolize your commitment and will serve as a reminder of your promise.