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Floral Wedding Gowns for Brides Who Love Color – A Guide with Images

Bride wearing colorful floral wedding gowns

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For the non-traditional bride who wants more than just a pretty white dress on her wedding day, colorful floral gowns offer an excellent alternative.

Floral gowns for wedding dresses come in all styles and colors with the common theme being that they feature flowers and botanical motifs. Floral gowns offer you a way to personalize your dress, add symbolism and color and stand out from the crowd.

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Let’s take a look at 15 gorgeous floral wedding gowns, how to choose a floral gown and when it’s appropriate to wear them.

15 gorgeous floral wedding gowns

Floral Print – Peony Up

Bride wearing floral peony dress

Peony wedding dress by Meagan Kelly Designs US. Check price here.

A wedding dress featuring floral print is a bold, statement look that needs confidence to pull off. It can add color and drama to your look, keeping all eyes on you. This style is perfect for the alternative bride who wants to beat her own drum.

One way to add a touch of symbolism is to pick a print with meaningful flowers. For example, peonies signify riches, honor, romance, prosperity and a happy marriage. Isn’t that perfect for a couple about to start a new chapter together?

Keep It White

Bride wearing floral lace wedding gown

Floral lace gown by Yasmin Varsano. Check price here.

Let’s say you love the floral idea, but color is too much out of your comfort zone on your wedding day. In that case, why not keep it the traditional white yet add a lot of floral embellishments to your dress? Think floral lace overlay or embroidery to add a bit of glamor and a whole lot of pizzazz to your dress.

Embroidered Up

Embroidered tulle dress

Embroidered floral tulle gown by GuCi Designs. Check price here.

A little bit of embroidery can make your dress really stand out. If the embroidery is in color and features a unique design, even a little bit goes a long way. One of our favorite looks is to simply embroider the bodice of the dress with an eye-catching design, distinctive design that stands out against the fabric of the dress. 

A Hi-Low Confection

Hi-low floral wedding dress

Hi-low floral organza wedding dress by Weekend Wedding Dress. Check price here.

For a double whammy, think a non-traditional dress style with floral elements all over. For example, a hi-low wedding dress is quite unique with not many brides opting for this style. Add the floral element and you’ve got all eyes on you.

Contrasting Colored Floral Lace

Bride wearing golden floral wedding dress

Midi-length figure hugging gold wedding dress by Lila Style House. Check price here.

Lace with floral designs is common but picking a dress with different colored elements in the lace will make each color stand out. Notice how the little chocolate colored flowers on this gold wedding dress bring the whole look together and make the colors pop.

Go 3D

Girl wearing floral wedding gown with lace

Floral gown with silk flowers by Mywony Bridal. Check price here.

A very popular trend for wedding dresses at the moment is incorporating 3 dimensional flowers to create a romantic, whimsical and feminine look. They add an unexpected glamor and understated elegance to your wedding dress and elevate the overall look. The silk flowers on this simple floral gown effortlessly take it to the next level of style.

Lacy Minimalism

minimalist floral wedding gown

A-line wedding gown by Katrin Favor Boutique. Find it here.

This simple wedding dress is a minimalist’s dream, accentuating the figure and flowing gracefully. What truly sets it off is the gorgeous floral lace on the bodice that gives it texture, depth and pulls the whole look together.

Watercolor Princess

Bride wearing floral watercolor wedding gown

Floral watercolor wedding gown by French Knot Couture. Check price here.

A very unique gown featuring a watercolor design and 3 dimensional florals along the top of the bodice. Very unique, artistic and stylish. A combination of distinctive color and a unique pattern complemented by a few flowers can really create that wow factor.  

Hand Painted Pink Florals

Bride wearing pink floral gown

Peach floral wedding gown by Tonena. Check price here.

This one of a kind style is ideal for that non-traditional bride who’s looking for a little more color on her wedding day. The dress features a tulle skirt with a gorgeously fitted bodice featuring pink flowers. What sets the flowers off is that fact that each of them have been hand painted to give it an organic, natural look. Classic, romantic and feminine.

A Green Floral Dream

Green floral wedding gown

Green wedding gown by Our Stories Bridal. Check price here.

Green’s not the first color you think of when you say ‘wedding dress’ but it makes for a natural, almost ethereal dress style. Combined with colorful embroidered flowers, this wedding dress takes on a woodsy, natural look perfect for a garden or country wedding.

Blue Florals  

beaded flowers on wedding dress close up

Tulle wedding gown with embroidered flowers by Boudoir Wedding. Check price here.

For a cool, relaxed and angelic look, a light blue wedding dress with a simple floral bodice is an ideal choice. The flowers are made by hand with lace and beads to add a touch of understated bling. The dress is perfect for a bride who wants something natural, simple and unique with an airy look to it. On a side note, did you know that although white symbolizes purity and virginity today, the traditional color for these traits was blue?

Blush Princess

Bride wearing dusty rose wedding dress

Dusty rose wedding dress by Julia Miren Dresses. Check price here.

This statement wedding dress is for a bride who wants to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day. The dusty rose color immediately sets the dress apart from traditional wedding dresses, while the flowers are made using 3-dimensional lace. They stand out against the tulle, adding depth and texture to the dress, and giving it a fairy look.

A Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Floral Lace Dress

Bohemian floral lace dress by Amelia Wedding Designs. Check price here.

Add floral lace all over and what do you get? A bohemian wedding dream. Bohemian dresses are perfect for a rustic, natural style and a bride who wants to keep things simple. An abundance of lace featuring 3-dimensional lace adds that texture and flow ideal for bohemian dresses.

Pretty in Pink    

Bride wearing floral gown with pink flowers

Pink floral wedding dress by Dioma. Check price here.

A fairytale dress style with a see-through skirt and 3-dimensional pink flowers makes this dress at once subtle and stylish, cute but flirty. The bodice is covered with the pretty florals which also embellish the bottom half of the skirt.

The Princess Bride

Bride wearing floral applique wedding gown

Rose-tone wedding gown by Ekaterina Simakova. Check price here.

A dress truly fit for a princess, this gorgeous A-line powder colored design features Italian 3-dimensional lace flowers embellishing the entire dress. The ruched tulle at the bottom adds volume and style to the dress, but what really stands out and catches the eye are the beautiful lace flowers that make this dress one fit for a princess.

Floral Designs and What They Represent

Floral prints have been around for centuries and it’s safe to say they’ll be around for centuries more. Floral fashion originated in Asia but today can be found in all parts of the world. There’s something about flowers that speak of optimism, positivity, happiness and innocence.

Flowers hold meaning and symbolism to people, and even today, many brides consider this symbolism when choosing their flowers.

Here are some popular flowers and what they represent:

  1. Peony – viewed by the Chinese as ‘king of the flowers’ and represents wealth and honor.
  2. Lotus – not often seen on bridal dresses but ideal for a unique design. Lotus symbolizes purity, rising above difficult circumstances, grace, elegance and intelligence.
  3. Roses – a symbol of beauty, romance, love and passion.
  4. Lily of the Valley – the flower of spring, Lily of the Valley represents chastity, purity, luck and happiness.
  5. Daisy – these flowers symbolise innocence, purity, fertility and renewal.

Fabrics for Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are typically feminine and delicate in style. They have a grace and charm that is quite different from other types of dresses, and are typically flowy, airy and full of lace. Here are some popular wedding fabrics that go beautifully with floral designs:

  • Tulle – airy and light, tulle adds volume without weighing you down. It also adds structure to a dress and is perfect for ballgown style dresses that give a royal look on your wedding day.
  • Chiffon – comfortable and smooth, chiffon is a light, flowing material that perfectly complements a floral dress. Chiffon is less volume and more figure accentuating without showing every flaw.
  • Organza – very light and airy, organza (like tulle) is perfect for structured dresses with volume. This is a sheer material against which floral designs tend to stand out beautifully.
  • Lace – one of the most traditional types of fabrics used in bridal dresses, lace is perfect to add that floral touch while keeping things classic. There are many types of lace but most feature floral or botanical motifs. A dress with lace all over is perfect for a bohemian, country look.

When to Choose a Floral Gown

When picking a floral dress, consider your venue, theme and season. Dresses with flower motifs are perfect for any outdoor, bohemian or country style wedding because of their natural, nature-inspired style.

In terms of season, floral bridal dresses are typically chosen for spring weddings, to reflect the floweriness of the season. Having said that, a well-chosen and beautifully designed dress can suit any wedding venue, wedding theme or season of the year. 

Many brides choose florals for their bridesmaids and flower girls but they’re also perfect for the bride herself. A floral print dress might be an excellent option but if you want a more traditional wedding dress, pick a block color with floral embellishments.