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Russian Wedding Rings – Pros, Cons and Symbolism

Russian wedding ring guide

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A simple yet complex ring design, Russian wedding rings can be compared to gimmel or fede rings in how they’re composed. These rings are popular even today, valued not just for their beauty but also for their symbolism. If you’re considering something unique for your wedding ring, this is a perfect option to look into.

A Russian Origin

Russian wedding ring

Russian wedding ring by Songs of Ink and Steel. See it here.

Contrary to popular belief, Russian wedding rings doesn’t refer to rings made in Russia or worn by Russian women. Instead, Russian wedding rings refers to a specific ring design. Also known as rolling, trio or trinity rings, this design features three interlocked metal bands that come together to create a single ring.

The reason they’re called by this name is because the design was first popular in Russia in the 1800s. It became a common wedding ring design and was chosen by many Russian brides to adorn their finger. However, the design went on to become popular around the world. Today, it’s associations go beyond Russian culture.

Features of Russian Wedding Rings

Here are the main features of Russian wedding rings:

  • Russian wedding rings are made of three interlocked metal bands, that twist over each other. This adds texture to the ring, making it look as though it’s woven.
  • Each band of the ring is traditionally made of a different metal color, to create a multi-toned design. However, today it’s common to see the ring in single colors made of sterling silver or gold.
  • The rings were worn on the ring finger of the right hand, as is the custom in Russian culture.
  • The Russian wedding ring design typically didn’t feature any gemstones, crystals or other embellishments, but was only made of plain metal. Today, these rings contain engravings, diamonds, filigree, milgrain and other elements.
  • Russian wedding rings held religious symbolism, representing the Holy Trinity of Christianity.

Pros of Russian Wedding Rings

Tricolored Russian wedding ring

Tri-colored Russian wedding ring by Silly Shiny Diamonds. See more here.

As brides turn towards more unique and personalized options for wedding rings, interest in Russian wedding rings has risen. Here are some pros of the design:


Modern engagement or wedding rings don’t often have the unique look of Russian wedding rings, which holds a vintage charm and a simple yet complex appearance. You’ll likely be the only person you know who has a Russian wedding ring.


Like three-stone engagement rings, Russian wedding rings are also highly symbolic. They represent triads, including the stages of the Past, Present and Future of the couple, values such as Love, Loyalty and Friendship, and the concept of family such as Father, Mother and Child. For Christians, the ring can also represent the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit of the Catholic Church. If none of these meanings work for you, you and your partner can give the ring a personal meaning.


If you have large knuckles, you know the struggle of finding a ring that fits or doesn’t spin on your finger. This is because it’s hard to find a ring that’s large enough to get over your knuckle but small enough to fit once in position. Unlike regular rings, Russian wedding rings are ideal for those with large knuckles. This is because the individual bands spread a little on your finger once you wear the ring, making it sit comfortably in place.


There are many styles of Russian wedding rings to choose from. While the original versions were simple tri-colored bands, today there are elaborate, stylish options that vary in design. Some designs feature diamonds encrusted on the bands, engravings, gemstones and so on. This gives you a wide range of styles to choose from.

Cons of Russian Wedding Rings

While there are many benefits of wearing this design, here are some cons that wearers have reported.


Some people feel that the ring style is large on their finger. Russian wedding rings can feel or look bulky, especially if you have very petite fingers. It’s important to choose a design with petite bands for a more comfortable feel.

Limited Availability

Because this isn’t a mainstream ring style, it can be hard to find a Russian wedding ring that suits your style. Most jewelry retailers don’t stock this design, so you might have to have one commissioned. You could also take your search to platforms like Amazon or Etsy, which have a lot of styles on offer.

Rings Like Russian Wedding Rings

Gimmel ring
Gimmel ring

Gimmel ring by Touch the Dutch. See it here.

Gimmel rings are quite unique but have a similar concept to Russian wedding rings. Gimmel rings feature three or more hoops connected together to create a single ring. These can be completely separated, to divide them into individual rings, and then brought back together to become one ring.

Gimmel rings typically feature two clasped hands. These rings were highly popular during the Middle Ages and were worn by brides to represent both engagement and wedding rings.

The difference between gimmel rings and Russian wedding rings is that the latter can’t be taken apart, although it’s made of three bands. Another difference is that gimmel rings can have 5 or more hoops whereas Russian wedding rings only ever have 3.

Wrapping Up

Like Russian gold, Russian wedding rings aren’t exactly Russian today. However, their origin in Russia keep them tied to the culture. Today, this ring design is coveted around the world and valued by those who prefer something unique, stylish yet simple.