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29 Types of Rings – A Comprehensive List

Types of rings

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When it comes to accessories, rings reign supreme for versatility and self-expression. Rings can allow you to express your unique sense of style, mood rings can portray your feelings and rings exchanged between partners can symbolize a relationship. Whether you’re looking for a ring for fun or searching for significant symbolism, you’ll find all you need to know about different styles and their meanings below. 

1- Antique, Estate or Vintage Rings:

Antique ring in red box

Vintage Ring by KKVintageCollection. Check Price Here.

The term ‘antique’ is applied loosely to pieces that are anywhere from 50 to 100 years old or older. Anything that is a few decades old may be deemed ‘vintage’, however, this term is also used to describe new rings that mimic the designs of previous eras. Anything labeled as an ‘Estate’ ring simply means that the ring has been previously owned but is vintage or antique in nature. If you are looking for a legitimate antique, estate or vintage piece, shop at reliable antique jewelry dealers.  

2- Bands

Baguette Cut & Round Pavé Diamond Channel Wedding Band in 14k Yellow Gold- I/SI2 (1/4 ct. tw.)

Baguette Cut Wedding Band from Blue Nile. Check Price Here.

Bands are more commonly referred to as ‘Wedding Rings’ or ‘Wedding Bands’. These are worn on the left ring finger by men and women to indicate that they are married. A wedding band is typically smaller and simpler than an engagement ring and is designed to wear every day.

3- Eternity Rings

Eternity ring

Pave Diamond Eternity Ring from James Allen. Check Price Here.

An eternity ring is a style of ring designed to symbolize never-ending love. It is usually given by a spouse on a significant anniversary or can be worn as a wedding band. Eternity rings are made of precious metals and feature a continuous line of identical stones (usually diamonds) along the front of the ring.  

4- Birthstone Ring

Birthstone ring peridot

Birthstone Ring from Ringcrush. Check Price Here.

Birthstones are gemstones that are associated with one of the twelve months of the year. Birthstone rings can be adorned with genuine or synthetic gemstones depending on the wearer’s budget, particularly because some birthstones (for example, April’s diamonds or September’s sapphires) can be quite expensive. Birthstone rings come in many styles and are only considered birthstone rings because of the specific gemstones.  

5- Bridal Set

Bridal set

Bridal wedding set by Koala Jewellery Design. Check Price Here.

A bridal ring set refers to an engagement ring and wedding ring designed to be worn together. Not only will both rings match styles, but they will typically also sit on your finger seamlessly and will often look like a single ring. 

6- Claddagh Ring

Claddagh ring

Claddagh Ring by Irish Jewelry Design. Check Price Here.

A Claddagh Ring is a traditional Irish ring that can represent many things, depending on how it is worn. The design itself is symbolic of friendship (hands), love (heart) and loyalty (crown). A ring worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward signals that the wearer is single.  A person in a relationship would wear the ring on the right hand with the heart facing outward. To wear a Claddagh ring as an engagement ring, one would wear it on the ring finger with the heart facing outward. 

7- Cocktail Ring

Cocktail ring

Amethyst Cocktail Ring from Blue Nile. Check Price Here.

Cocktail rings are larger, flashier rings that are crafted to attract attention with size, color, and brilliant designs. Cocktail rings are meant to be worn as prominent accessories that add to an outfit. Like many costume jewelry pieces, the stones in cocktail rings are often imitation due to their large size, however, those with the budget can splurge on ravishing cocktail rings made with authentic gemstones. 

8- Gimmel Ring

Gimmel ring

Gimmel Ring from MS Jewelers. Check Price Here.

A gimmel ring or gimmal ring is a single ring made of two or three smaller rings that can fit together to form a single ring. Gimmel rings were popular in 16th and 17th century Europe as a symbol of betrothal. The couple would wear the rings separately, then rejoin them to use as a wedding ring. A third loop could also be worn by a witness that would hold the third ring until the couple was married.

9- Puzzle Ring 

Puzzle ring

Puzzle Ring from Silver Insanity. Check Price Here.

Puzzle rings are rings are made of multiple, connected bands that when worn form one solid band. If the ring is removed, the single band would disassemble and would have to be reassembled for the ring to be worn again. Puzzle rings were likely inspired by European Gimmel rings and are often also called ‘Turkish’ or ‘Harem’ rings.  

10- Moi et Toi Rings

moi-et-toi ring

Moi et Toi Ring from So Belle Jewellery. Check Price Here.

Moi et Toi is a French phrase that translates to “you and me” in English. Not only does the name of this ring exude romance, but the design also is symbolic of a perfect pair. A Moi et Toi ring features two adjoining gems sitting side by side which symbolizes two souls becoming one. 

11- Engagement Ring

Solitaire engagement ring

Solitaire engagement ring by James Allen. Check Price Here.

Engagement rings are arguably the most well-known (and possibly, most sought after) rings available. An engagement ring symbolizes a formal agreement to marry in the future and is most commonly worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Historically, engagement rings were a sign of ownership, but now they are more appropriately seen as a symbol of commitment and love. An engagement ring can be any style, shape or price, but is traditionally made of precious metals and stones – especially diamonds. 

Diamond engagement rings rose in popularity in the late 1800s due to an ad campaign commissioned by the DeBeers Mining Company that used the recognizable “diamonds are forever” slogan. The ad campaign not only suggested diamonds for engagement rings but also encouraged men to spend two months’ salary on the ring. These days, modern couples are encouraged to find engagement rings that are sentimental and personal which have given rise to unique styles all designed to symbolize ‘forever’.

12- Halo Rings 

Halo ring

Halo solitaire engagement ring by James Allen. Check Price Here.

The term ‘halo’ in jewelry denotes a large gem or diamond that is enclosed in a frame of smaller stones. Halo rings are popular as engagement rings, particularly if center diamonds are smaller as the surrounding diamonds make the ring look bright and brilliant.

13- Knuckle Rings

Knuckle ring

Knuckle Rings from Baubles by Betz. Check Price Here.

Knuckle or midi rings are rings that are worn above your finger’s middle joint as opposed to directly under the knuckle where they are traditionally worn. Knuckle rings were once known as tea rings but have recently surged in popularity with many wearing multiple minimalist midi rings on several fingers. 

14- Nugget Rings

Nugget ring

Nugget Ring by Universal Jewels. Check Price Here.

A nugget ring is designed to mimic the look of a raw gold nugget – hence the name. They are traditionally a men’s piece, because of the large size and rough, rocky look of the ring. However, many jewelers are crafting nugget rings in smaller sizes for females that want to add a hint of masculinity to their look. 

15- Promise Rings 

Girl wearing promise ring

Baguette Ring by Ferkos Fine Jewelry. Check Price Here.

A promise ring is a sentimental ring exchanged between people in a romantic relationship to symbolize commitment. A promise ring is usually given when the relationship becomes serious, but for whatever the reason, the couple is not quite ready to marry. There are no styles or stones that are specifically associated with a promise ring, so any ring that is given with the right intention can be considered a promise ring. However, something semi-precious or precious that can be stacked with your eventual wedding and engagement rings will make for a beautiful collection.

16- Cameo Rings

Antique cameo ring

Victorian Cameo Ring by PRK Jewelry. Check Price Here.

In jewelry, ‘Cameo’ refers to stones or metal that are carved leaving a raised relief design as a feature. Cameo jewelry became popular in the late 18th century and was prized because of the intricate workmanship involved in the carving technique. Cameos usually feature a profile of a face or flowers, but with advanced technologies, modern cameo jewelry is available in a range of different designs. 

17- Posy Ring

Posy ring

Posy ring by Victorious Antiques. Check Price Here.

Posy rings are gold finger rings with inscriptions on their inner or outer surface. Posy rings get their name from the French term “poésie”, meaning poem. Posy rings were popular in the 15th-18th Century in Europe as gifts exchanged by lovers. These days, any ring can be turned into a posy ring with an engraving. 

18- Tension Rings

Sapphire tension ring

Sapphire tension ring by Artisan Feel. Check Price Here.

A tension ring is a type of ring that holds a stone within the band using pressure instead of prongs or other mounting methods. This makes it look like the stone is suspended in air rather than traditional rings with settings that keep stones in place. Tension rings showcase a diamond in all its brilliance and is an excellent option for a modern style.

19- Signet Ring

Signet ring

Personalized Signet Ring by Gold Personalized. Check Price Here.

A signet ring is a plain metal ring with a large front face that usually features an engraving that is unique to the wearer in some way. Traditionally this was a name, initials, or family crest. Modern signet rings come with a variety of styles, including star signs depicted by diamonds and come in various sizes so that the ring can be worn on the pinky or thumb. 

20- Solitaire Ring

Solitaire ring

Solitaire Ring from Blue Nile. Check Price Here.

In jewelry, ‘solitaire’ refers to any piece that features a single diamond. Solitaire diamond rings are popular engagement rings because of their simplicity and timeless design. However, solitaire rings can be used to mark any special occasion, be it in a relationship or simply to mark a significant milestone in someone’s life. 

21- Stacking Rings

Stacking ring

Stacking Rings by Irresistibly Minimal. Check Price Here.

Stacking rings have recently become popular, particularly with minimalist wearers. Stacking rings are technically any rings that can be stacked. But those that are designed to be stacked are usually thinner, simpler and are designed to complement each other so that they can be worn together. Stacking wedding rings are also a big trend right now, with people wearing 2 or more wedding bands.

22- Three Stone Rings

Three stone ring

Three Stone Diamond Ring by Blue Nile. Check Price Here.

Three stone rings are quite literally, rings with three stones in them. The most common design is to have a large feature stone flanked by two identical smaller stones. Like the solitaire, they are popular engagement rings because of their timeless look and symbolism. The three stones are often noted as representing a couple’s Past, Present and Future.

23- Bezel Rings

Bezel ring

Bezel ring by James Allen. Check Price Here.

In jewelry, the term ‘bezel’ refers to the raised setting that completely wraps the rim of a diamond in metal. A bezel setting is more secure than prong settings but are also considered for their specific look and style.  The downside of bezel rings is that they tend to minimize the sparkle of the diamond to some extent and can also make it appear smaller.

24- Gypsy Rings

Gypsy ring

Gypsy Ring by Lili Coco. Check Price Here.

The term ‘gypsy’ also refers to a setting in jewelry. Like the bezel, the diamond or stone is completely enclosed, but rather than wrapping a raised stone, gypsy settings almost bury the stone in the metal band of the ring.  This type of ring is also called a flush setting and is a very secure way of setting stones in the metal.

25- Invisible Ring

Invisible ring setting

Invisible ring setting by Jewelry by ARSA. Check Price Here.

 ‘Invisible’ refers to the setting of stones in a ring. In this case, several stones or diamonds are set in place on the surface of the ring with no prongs or metal holding them. In reality, they’re held in place by a metal framework set under the diamonds with grooves cut into the diamonds to hold them there. When an invisible ring is worn, it gives the illusion that the band is paved with a single large diamond.

26- Cluster Ring

Cluster ring

Cluster Ring by Barzahav. Check Price Here.

Cluster rings are designs that feature multiple stones, usually in varying sizes and colors in a group. This gives the illusion of larger center stones but is also a design feature that is popular for its unique look. Modern cluster rings often mix stones and even set them off-center. 

27- Glow Stone Ring

Glow stone rings

Glow Stone Ring from The Fashionable Wizard. Check Price Here.

Glow stone rings are typically bands with sections of glowing blue stone. The glowing blue stones are made of strontium aluminate and amethyst crystals, which glow when exposed to UV light. These rings are usually made of Tungsten which is a heavy and secure metal that keeps the glowing stones safely in place. 

28- Mood Rings

Mood ring

Mood Ring from Plastic Couture. Check Price here.

Mood rings feature a stone or stone band that changes color, not by your mood, but by the temperature of your finger. They were invented in 1975 by Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats and suited the 1970s free-spirit aesthetic. A mood ring works by using a liquid crystal that changes color and placing a clear stone such as quartz over the thermal liquid. This makes it appear as though the stone is changing color when it is simply the liquid underneath it. Mood rings are popular amongst young wearers and come in a variety of styles.

29- Journey Ring

Journey ring

Journey ring by Pompeii3. Check Price Here.

A journey ring features a row of graduating diamonds to represent the growth of a couple’s relationship together. The diamond can be placed in a variety of styles, either horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Sometimes the diamonds are placed in a fluctuating line, to represent the ups and downs of a relationship. However, the overall representation is a journey together.