10 Stunning Ways to Accessorize Your Homecoming Dress

how to accessorize homecoming dress

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Homecoming is one of the most important and memorable events for a high school student. It’s a special night where they can dress up – symbolizing how they’re now entering adulthood. However, it can be challenging to prepare for the big night. Because other than finding the perfect prom dress, it’s equally important to finding the right accessories that’ll go with your outfit.

If you have no prior experience, you might turn a gorgeous dress into a not-so-great outfit if you pair it with over-the-top accessories. But if you choose appropriate accessories, an average dress can look stunning. And because it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when facing many accessory options in the market, here’s a list of ways to access your homecoming dress.

10 Accessories to Level Up Your Homecoming Dress

ways to accessorize a wedding dress

1. Your Earrings Matter

Did you know that earrings can act as a bold fashion statement? With this in mind, it’s easy to identify that one of the best ways to make your homecoming dress pop is by pairing it with beautiful earrings.

As a rule of thumb, the simpler the dress, the more you can experiment with earrings – try some gemstones, diamonds, or even acrylic ones. And if you have an extravagant gown, it would be best to use simpler earrings like studs and pearls.

2. Add Some Bracelets

Another piece of jewelry to consider is bracelets because they help accentuate your beautiful hands. Adding some sparkling bracelets and bangles can take your dress to another level. And if your school requires you to wear a corsage on your hand, you can always spice it up by decorating it with some glitter.

3. Stylish Rings

stylish angel ring

Angel wings by Lamender Jewels. See it here.

For extra sass, you can accessorize your homecoming dress with rings. There are numerous options for wearing rings – you can mix and match various designs or choose just one that’ll make your dress stand out. It also allows you to experiment with color, making it ideal for artistic students.

Regardless of your personal decision to either go all out or keep it simple, remember not to wear a ring on all ten fingers!

4. Try A Necklace

If you only want to wear one piece of jewelry on your homecoming, your dress will look best when paired with a stylish necklace. However, it would help if you were mindful of your dress’ neckline. As a rule of thumb, your chain should sit on your skin, not your gown.

5. Mix Different Metals

When it comes to jewelry, there’s a stereotype that mixing gold and silver doesn’t look good. However, there’s always a way to make them work together and not against each other. For example, your homecoming dress might look better if there are different elements in your jewelry – you may try wearing a gold choker and a longer necklace or use various metals for your rings. Moreover, you can also experiment with stones – try moissanite jewelry if you’re up for it!

6. Get A Gorgeous Purse


Floral purse by enLove Collection. See it here.

Homecoming is a special night, so it’s crucial to have proper reinforcements throughout the entire event. Choose a stunning purse to match your dress if you want to look well-prepared. You can go for a simple clutch if your dress is already extra, but you may also opt for a glittery one if you have a simpler gown. And other than acting as an accessory, it’s also a great way to bring emergency items like lipstick, powder, and mints.

7. Cover Up with A Shawl

Sometimes, showing too much skin could feel too much – and don’t worry because you can still look sexy while wearing a shawl! It’s a stunning accessory because it sits loosely on the arms and shoulders, bringing attention to your neckline.

And if you’re worried about looking a tad boring, fret not because incorporating silk, sheer, and chiffon shawls into your dress will make it look sultry. You may also get one with faux fur if you want an old Hollywood look. Just make sure to choose one that looks like an extension of your dress – go for a similar shade or a contrasting one for a statement look.

8. Get Some Killer Shoes

comfortable shoes

Stylish shoes by Erebe. See them here.

Other than the dress itself, shoes are one of the most crucial aspects of a perfect homecoming outfit. They can make or break your confidence, so it’s critical to find a pair in which you feel beautiful and comfortable.

And because heels come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, there are certain things to consider.

  • Height – If your date is significantly taller than you, or if you don’t care about being taller, you can wear platform shoes that increase your height by an additional inch or two or high spikes or stacked heels. You might pick block heels, spikes, or lower-altitude wedges if you are already tall.
  • Dress style – Your outfit will look more grounded and sturdier with stacked heels in a solid color. On the other hand, dresses with slits would look amazing with glittery stilettos.
  • Trendy – For their prom shoes, many teens choose translucent heels. The clear plastic heels make you float in the air while allowing the focus to be on the rest of the shoe.
  • Comfort – How at ease are you wearing heels? You have extra support while walking or dancing in stacked or wedge heels. Although more stylish, a spiked heel might be unsteady, so you could opt for stylish sneakers like these unique ones.

9. Hairstyle

Accessorizing your hair can also make your homecoming dress even more stunning. However, it might be challenging to find the best hairstyles for your length, so here’s a quick guide:

  • Long Hair

If you have long hair – there are numerous styles you can try! Wearing your hair down will be a good idea if you have a simple dress. Sleek, soft waves would create an elegant and put-together look. But if you want everyone to focus on your clothing, you could go for a messy updo with loose pieces or a sleek high ponytail to look taller.

  • Medium Hair

For girls with medium-length hair, a half-up, half-down hairstyle would give you a dreamy appeal. You may pull your hair’s top section back using a clip or braid it for a boho chic look. Moreover, it will look dreamier with a scarf or ribbon.

  • Short Hair

Having short hair is chic and edgy, but it tends to be difficult to style. To give your hair a textured look, twist sections of it and pin them back. A bold hairpiece, such as an oversized clip or barrette, completes this style. Another gorgeous, current option for people with short hair is a little braid. You’ll stand out from the crowd on the dance floor with this lively, engaging outfit.

10. Makeup

Even though you have the perfect dress, shoes, and jewelry, your homecoming look won’t come together without the appropriate makeup. If you want a bold and artsy style, you may pair a matte crimson lip with white eyeliner for extra pops of color.

But if you’re on the neutral side, going for a classic peach look will look softer and chic. You may choose some warm eyeshadows and add some rose gold highlights on the highest points of the face and finish off with a pink or nude lip gloss.


It’s no secret that your dress is the centerpiece of your outfit on your homecoming night. However, there are little details that can bring your outfit to the next level. It can be a statement necklace, the perfect pair of shoes, or a stunning hairstyle, so it’s better to piece together some accessories that’ll look stunning with your homecoming gown.

Remember: experiment with different styles until you find the one where you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable. If you ever need help, you can always come back and skim through the detailed list above.

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