3 Bridal Hairstyles You Can Make Using Hair Extensions

hairstyles with bridal hair extensions

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While the dress is the most important aspect of the bridal trousseau, it’s the accessories that highlight and set it all off. Think makeup, shoes, jewelry, and of course, hair. 

Choosing the right bridal hairstyle can be trickier than it seems – you will have to consider the outfit, weather, and vibe of the event. And sometimes, if you’ve found the right hairstyle, you might worry whether your hair can carry the style. 

You might be worried about getting the right length and thickness of your hair, but there is nothing that hair extensions cannot fix. After all, there is a reason why extensions are used in most bridal hairdos. 

To help make this busy and stressful time easy for you, we’ve shortlisted the three most popular bridal hairstyles that use hair extensions.

1.    Bridal Braids

bridal braid

Braids are taking the bridal fashion world by storm, and they are here to stay for a long time. To achieve the perfect bridal braid, you first need to choose whether the braid is going to be a chic side-swept look or a boho messy braid accessorized with hair jewelry.

Irrespective of the braid, you will need to use hair extensions to add depth and dimension to your hair. It is recommended that brides only use real hair extensions instead of synthetic hair for their bridal hairdos.

2.    Soft Curls and Flowers

bridal hair extensions

Soft curls adorned with flowers are the most versatile hairstyles for a summer wedding. You can choose to let your hair fall on your back or scoop them to one side.

To achieve a coveted beachy hair look, you would need texturizing spray and hair extensions to add fullness and volume to your locks. You can add flowers either along with your hair or behind your ear with hair swooped to the opposite side.

3.    Classic Bun Twist

bridal bun

A classic bun twist is a hairdo chosen by many brides for its sophistication and class. It is quite possibly the most difficult hairstyle out of these three to perfect, so be prepared for your hairstylist to take a few tries. 

To make the bun twist hold, you will need added texture and thickness to your hair. The texture can be achieved using a mix of texturizing and hold spray, whereas the thickness can be achieved using hair extensions.

In Conclusion

By figuring out your bridal hairstyle, you can take off a major task from your to-do bridal checklist. If you are unsure about something, always go with the simpler-looking choice as minimalism has its own class. As long as you have the right extensions and a good professional to make your hairstyle look great, you don’t have to worry ab

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