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Wedding Band Styles Explained (For Her)

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When it comes to bridal rings, engagement rings get all the attention. So much so that even a simple search for wedding ring styles will bring up information mainly on engagement rings.

But for most people, the wedding ring is much more important than engagement rings. It represents the marriage and is hardly ever taken off. Taken this way, picking out the right wedding band is crucial if you want to get something that you’ll love for a lifetime. Which is why we think it’s important to talk about wedding rings and the different styles they come in.

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If you’re looking to choose your wedding band, here are the most popular styles to look out for.

Important Considerations

Before we delve into the styles of wedding rings, it’s important to consider what is most important to you when selecting your ring. Consider:

  1. Durability – a wedding ring should be able to take knocks, bumps and impact and still look amazing. The materials and design play big roles in durability.
  2. Symbolism – different ring styles come with their own symbolism. If this is important to you, think about what you want the ring to represent.
  3. Price – more elaborate wedding ring styles will cost more. Setting a budget will help you to choose within that range.
  4. Your Personal Style – are you into minimalist or maximalist styles? Your wedding ring should be a true reflection of you and should be able to blend into what you normally wear.
  5. Comfort – comfort is key when choosing your ring because it’s something you’ll be wearing every day.

Most Popular Wedding Band Styles Explained

Most people think a wedding band is simply a plain gold band, and while it can be just that, it can also be so much more. Here are the most popular styles to choose from:

1- Classic Wedding Band

Yellow gold classic wedding band women

Classic yellow gold wedding ring.

See this ring here

Since the earliest times, the wedding ring was simply a metal band meant to represent eternity, love and devotion. Yellow gold was the traditional metal used and there was little embellishment. Even today, this classic style remains among the most popular.

Classic wedding rings for her

Plain wedding bands are typically designed with precious metals and feature a smooth, reflective finish. They can also feature a range of different finishes, including matte, satin, textured, hammered and brushed. These finishes aren’t shiny but can offer more depth and interest to the ring.

2- Eternity Wedding Band

Diamond eternity band

Diamond eternity band.

See this ring here

The eternity band has been popular for a long time because of its obvious beauty but also for its symbolism. This ring style typically features diamonds surrounding the entire circumference of the ring. There are variations to the ring style, including:

  1. Half-eternity – here the diamonds only go around half the band
  2. Gemstone eternity rings – other types of gemstones are used instead of diamonds
  3. Different shapes – different gemstone cuts are used instead of the traditional round diamond  
  4. Various settings – the diamonds or gemstones can be set in different ways, including pave, channel or prong

The eternity wedding ring symbolises eternity, equality and loyalty. It’s a classic design that offers you style, glamor and sophistication.

3- Infinity Wedding Bands

Infinity pave wedding band women

Infinity wedding band.

See this ring here

Infinity wedding bands feature the infinity symbol, the sideways figure eight shape. The infinity symbol has been around since the mid-1600s representing a line that has no end. Similar to the eternity band, the infinity band comes in a range of designs and styles, with the main identifying point being the infinity symbol. While some feature the symbol surrounding the circumference of the band, others may feature just one infinity symbol incorporated into the design.

This type of wedding ring is perfect for someone who’s after a meaningful design that also looks beautiful.

4- Channel Set Wedding Bands

Channel set wedding ring in white gold

Princess cut channel set wedding ring.

See this ring here

Channel setting is a style in itself as well as a way to mount diamonds. This means that it can be used in conjunction with other wedding band styles too where diamonds are channel set.

Channel set bands are typically found in the eternity band style, with the diamond set into a groove which keeps them secure. The diamonds can be of any shape, although round and princess are the most popularly used.

This is a great choice if you use your hands a lot at work and are afraid of getting your diamonds damaged or knocked. Channel set stones don’t snag on every day objects or clank against items, making them comfortable and easy to wear.

5- Pave Wedding Band

Diamond and sapphire pave set wedding ring women

Diamond and blue sapphire pave set wedding band.

See this ring here

Pave setting refers to stones that ‘pave’ the metal band, creating a continuous and beautiful line of gemstone. Pave set rings are commonly crafted using diamond melees but can also incorporate other stones. This style of rings is highly brilliant and feature the diamonds to great effect. But they can also get damaged as the diamonds are more exposed than channel set diamonds.

There are a couple of different types of pave setting:

  1. French pave diamond rings where the diamonds are set in such a way as to maximize their sparkle. The metal creates a ‘V’ shape at the sides of the diamond, which exposes the sides of the stone to light.
  2. Scalloped pave diamond rings feature a rounded base where the diamonds are set. This minimizes the amount of visible metal and increases the exposure of the diamonds increasing sparkle and brilliance.  

6- 5 Stone Wedding Bands

Diamond 5 stone wedding band

Yellow gold and diamond five stone wedding ring.

See this ring here

Five stone wedding bands usually feature equal sized stones with no single stone taking the focus. It looks similar to a half-eternity but here the diamonds are typically larger and more prominent. There is no one meaning attributed to 5-stone rings but rather, the design represents a several possible interpretations:

  1. The five stones represent love, commitment, trust, empathy and good communication
  2. It represents the first five years of marriage
  3. It symbolizes eternal love and commitment similar to a half-eternity band
  4. You can personalize what you want the five stones to represent which makes it a creative option

Five stone wedding rings are stylish and sophisticated, but like the half-eternity, it can get annoying when the ring spins the wrong way and stones dig into the sides of your fingers or get hidden behind your finger.

7- Matching Curved Wedding Band

v shaped wedding band

Wishbone shaped diamond wedding band.

See this ring here

Sometimes the wedding band plays second fiddle to the engagement ring, which you may want to highlight. If you have an amazing engagement ring that needs to take the primary position, having a wedding band that complements it by taking its shape may be necessary. In this case, choosing a matching curved wedding band is a great idea.

Matching curved wedding bands come in several styles and shapes to suit the engagement ring’s design. It can be channel set, pave or prong, the choices are endless. However, it needs to work in unison with the engagement ring so that will be the deciding factor when choosing this type of wedding band.

The common shape for these types of rings is the V or wishbone shaped style. This adds an element of meaning to the ring. Wishbone rings are known to represent good luck and fortune, wealth, hope, positivity and good fortune. Coupled with diamonds which represent durability, strength, love and integrity, you get yourself a ring full of meaning and symbolism.

8- Twisted Wedding Band

Twisted wedding band

Diamond pave twisted wedding band.

See this ring here

The twisted wedding band style typically features two metal bands twisted together into an elegant curving design. The symbolism is clear to see – the design represents how two different people come together as one for eternity. This is perfect symbolism for a wedding ring.

There are many ways to get creative with the twisted wedding band style. You can opt for two different metal colors or utilize different embellishments for each section of the ring.

9- Vintage Wedding Rings

Beautiful Victorian wedding ring

Victorian wedding ring from the 19th century.

See this ring here

There are a host of vintage wedding ring styles out there which are meaningful and unique. Some of our favorites include the gimmel ring and the Claddagh ring, which isn’t really vintage but is an ancient Irish design still popular today.

There are antique or replica rings available, inspired by historical periods, with each offering something unique. Here are the most popular types of vintage wedding rings:

  • Georgian wedding rings – these were primarily Greek-inspired designs, featuring natural motifs like leaves, birds, flowers and wheat stalks.
  • Victorian wedding rings – bright colors, vivid styles and bold designs were characteristic of this period. Gemstones were often incorporated into the wedding ring designs as well. In the later Victorian period, silver, platinum and diamonds became more popular.
  • Art nouveau wedding rings – these rings have natural motifs and elegant, symmetrical lines. They feature a lot of wrought metalwork and beautiful elegant designs.
  • Edwardian wedding rings – Edwardian rings are feminine, delicate and beautifully sophisticated. Gold was popular for this period and filigree and milgrain were commonly employed.
  • Art deco wedding rings – a period of beautiful ring designs, art deco rings are characterized by geometric shapes, neutral hues and linear designs.

By all means, this is not an exhaustive list. There are other types of wedding bands out there and you may even have a unique band commissioned for yourself. These, however, are the most popular types of wedding rings, and most of the bands you’ll come across on retail sites will fall into one of the above categories. Hopefully you’ve spotted one that you like or have been inspired to create your very own wedding ring.