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Bridal Diamond Tennis Necklace – A Complete Buying Guide

Diamond tennis necklace in black background

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A diamond tennis necklace is a luxurious, stylish statement piece of jewelry that any woman would be lucky to own. They’re sophisticated, chic and stylish, ideal for a formal event where you want to sparkle.

Whether you’re buying one for yourself or giving it as a gift, topping a diamond tennis necklace isn’t easy.

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While these necklaces can cost thousands of dollars, there are tennis necklaces to suit every style and budget. All it takes is a little know-how to find the right one.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a Tennis Necklace?

Nicky Hilton wearing diamond tennis necklace

Nicky Hilton with a Diamond Tennis Necklace and Matching Earrings

Kate Winslet wearing diamond necklace

Kate Winslet Sporting a Diamond Tennis Necklace

We’ve all heard of diamond tennis bracelets, but not many people have heard of diamond tennis necklaces. That’s because these necklaces are known by many names – diamond eternity necklace, diamond line necklace or even just diamond necklace.

This type of necklace is a diamond line necklace, composed of a series of diamonds set together in a line. Because a diamond necklace requires a large number of diamonds compared to a bracelet, a tennis necklace is considered an extravagant, expensive piece of jewelry. It instantly elevates your outfit, making you red carpet ready.

If you’re wondering why they’re called tennis necklaces, it’s because this is the necklace version of the diamond tennis bracelet. In reality, it has no association with tennis.

Best Settings and Styles for Tennis Necklace

Woman wearing diamond tennis necklace

Affordable Diamond Tennis Necklace in White Gold Setting by Capucelli. Check Price Here.

As with tennis bracelets, there are several types of settings and styles to consider with tennis necklaces too.

  • The prong setting is the most popular option because they tend to highlight the diamonds and maximize their brilliance the best. This stunning 13.50 carat graduated diamond necklace showcases how diamonds look in a prong set diamond tennis necklace.
  • Bezel set tennis necklaces are also a very secure and stylish option, giving a sleek and modern look to the necklace. While bezel settings can minimize the sparkle of the diamonds, they also tend to hold them more securely. What’s more, the metal frames of the bezels add to the overall sleek look of the necklace becoming an integral part of the design, like this one of a kind 4 carat bezel set necklace.
  • In terms of metal colors, white gold or platinum is generally the best option for tennis necklaces, if you want to reduce the contrast between the diamond and the metal. White metals also make the diamonds look bigger, white and brighter. However, yellow gold gives a tennis necklace a classic, sophisticated look and emphasizes each diamond clearly. This is a matter of taste and depends on the style you’re going for.
  • Another consideration when thinking about the style of your tennis necklace is whether you want the necklace to showcase graduated or classic, uniform diamonds.
Diamond tennis necklace

Graduated diamond tennis necklace by Diamond Gardens. Check Price Here.

A graduated diamond tennis necklace begin with a central stone, which is the largest in the necklace. This is then flanked by diamonds on either side that progressively grows smaller. This makes for a dramatic look, emphasizing the front of the necklace and drawing the eye towards your face.

Classic diamond tennis necklace

Classic diamond tennis necklace by Nana Bijou. Check Price Here.

The classic diamond tennis necklace features uniform diamonds carefully selected and matched according to size, color and clarity. These are then expertly crafted into a line, with no single diamond standing out from the others. This is the same style as most diamond tennis bracelets.

When to Wear a Diamond Tennis Necklace

Unlike a tennis bracelet, a diamond tennis necklace is an extravagant piece of jewelry… it’s not the type of jewelry you wear when running errands. If you want an everyday diamond necklace, we suggest opting for a solitaire pendant.

However, if you want to make a statement, then a tennis necklace is an excellent way to go about it. This is perfect for a red-carpet look, ideal for high-end events and formal functions. It’s also an excellent option for bridal jewelry, to go with a wedding dress with an open neckline.

Affordable Alternatives to a Diamond Tennis Necklace

Diamond tennis necklaces don’t come cheap and sometimes an affordable alternative might be the best way to go. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a necklace you’ll only wear a few times, you could instead opt for an inexpensive alternative like this gorgeous cubic zirconia sterling silver necklace. It’s practically impossible to tell that this isn’t a diamond necklace.

However, always ensure that you pair the necklace with the right outfit and for the right function, to avoid it looking tacky. Just like fine wine shouldn’t be drunk in a plastic cup, a fine necklace shouldn’t be worn with an underwhelming outfit.

What to Know When Shopping for Tennis Necklaces

Possibly the most important thing to look out for when buying a diamond tennis necklace is that the diamonds are carefully matched and perfectly uniform and that the setting is expertly crafted.

Unlike a bracelet, as diamond necklace, when worn, is in a very visible location and any diamond that isn’t well matched can stand out noticeably. It’s important that each diamond is of very similar color, cut and clarity, and look alike next to each other.

Diamond tennis necklace closeup
Diamond tennis necklace description

Check This Diamond Tennis Necklace Here

The description for your diamond necklace should indicate the number of diamonds, the total carat weight (TCW), which is simply the amount of all the diamond carats added up and the cut, color and clarity of the stones. The retailer should also be able to tell you whether the diamonds have been heat treated in any way.

One thing to note is that retailers will not give you a certificate for the diamonds on your tennis necklace, simply because it’s not a feasible option. Having a diamond certified costs a fair amount so imagine having 150 diamonds certified for the same piece of jewelry! Remember that these diamonds aren’t typically the cream of the crop so certification isn’t a necessity.

Instead of that, it’s very important that you see the actual product (and not just a stock image) prior to purchase. If buying online, ensure that high quality images and video with magnification is available. And always check the after sales policies just in case of any issues.

Where to Buy Diamond Tennis Nekclaces

Choosing your retailer carefully will ensure that you have a smooth buying process and high-quality products. We recommend the following two retailers, based on their extensive experience, positive track record, quality products and excellent customer service. 

Blue Nile

With the largest online inventory of diamonds, Blue Nile has an incredible range of high-quality diamonds and jewelry to choose from. Their range of diamond tennis necklaces start at around $5500 and go upwards of $50,000.

James Allen

James Allen offers attractive prices, high-quality products and amazing diamond imagery. Examine the products at up to 40x magnification with HD videos of incredible quality. They have a range of excellent diamond necklaces and experts to walk you through your purchase.


Etsy has an impressive collection of diamond tennis bracelets, from affordable options with simulated diamonds to expensive designer necklaces like this vintage Cartier diamond necklace. You’ll be sure to find one that suits your budget and style.