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Unique Wedding Wishes Guest Books and Pen Sets

Wedding guest book guide

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A wedding guest book may not be as critical as your invitations or the wedding album but it’s still an important detail. The purpose of the book is to give your guests the chance to offer their advice and warm wishes as they celebrate your special day with you. Although it’s not mandatory to have a guestbook at your wedding it’s a tradition that has passed on through the years. However, the choice of whether to have one is entirely up to you!

If you’re planning to have a guest book at your wedding, you’d need a few nice pens to go with it. There are many creative ideas and alternatives for guest books and pen sets that you can try out. To help you, we’ve rounded up some interesting and unique ones that we think you and your guests would love!

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1- Wine Bottle Wedding Guestbook

wine bottle wedding guestbook

Wine Bottle Wedding Guest Book by Sugar Vine Art. See it here.

Wine bottles are an excellent idea for wedding guest books. These are special because you can keep them for years to come and pop one open for every special and meaningful anniversary. You will enjoy reading the funny anecdotes, the heartfelt notes left behind by your guests and the memories of that beautiful day. And the best part of it is remembering the friends and the family who were there, celebrating every special moment with you. For a large wedding, this may not be a practical idea, which is why we recommend this one for small, intimate events.

2- Wooden Wedding Guest book

Wooden rustic wedding guestbook

Rustic Wood Wedding Guestbook by Tpc Design Studio. See it here.

If you’re planning on having a rustic wedding, this guest book alternative might be just right for you. The ‘book’ is wooden and comes with a canvas wrapped around the wooden frame. Your guests will sign directly onto the canvas and don’t worry, it won’t wash off or fade away! After your wedding day, you can hang this up on the wall or lean it on your mantelpiece to be reminded of the lovely memories on your special day.

3- Gold Foil Wedding Guest Book

Gold letter wedding book

Gold Foil Wedding Guest Book by Lovelydayprintshop. See it here.

Here’s another great idea for a wedding guest book that works well for almost any type of wedding, be it a rustic wedding or even a more formal one. The traditional wedding guest book is a blank book with a pretty cover and the couple’s names printed on it in gold lettering. If you’re having a traditional wedding, then this is the right guestbook for you as it has a simple but charming look and suits the style of your wedding perfectly.

4- Cork Wedding Guest ‘Book’

Cork guest book

Guest Book Corks by Corkey Creations. See it here.

If you’re a wine enthusiast, celebrate your passion with this creative idea for your wedding guest book. This ‘guest book’ speaks rustic and is sure to grab everyone’s attention since it is unique and very attractive. Your guests will be lining up to sign these cute little wine corks!  

5- 3D Wedding Guest Book

3D guest wedding book

3D Wedding Guest Book by Happy Project Shop. See it here.

Here’s a unique way to preserve memories at your wedding: the Tree of Life wedding guest book. This is a modern and unique guest book that works well for many types of weddings including rustic, country and autumn weddings. The tree is a symbol of a fresh start on life, good health, positive energy and a bright future which is exactly what your guests will be wishing you as they sign on these gorgeous little hearts.

6- Halloween Wedding Guest Book

Halloween wedding guest book

Halloween Guest Book by Cherished Momen Crafts. See it here.

Spook your guests with this personalized wooden guest book at your Halloween wedding! This little ghost ‘book’ is adorable and it comes with a box of little wooden heart shaped cards on which your guests can sign and leave their best wishes for you. Your guests are bound to love the uniqueness of this guest book!

Now that we’ve gone through the wedding guest book ideas, let’s have a look at the wedding pen set ideas you can keep with your guest book.

7- Wooden Wedding Pen Set

Burgundy wedding pen set Rustic chic office decor Wooden image 0

Wedding Pen Set by Lechoixdelamariee. See it here.

Keep this lovely wooden pen set right next to your rustic guest book for your guests to sign with. This is a stylish and chic pen set that will look gorgeous and your guests will surely want to take it home with them!

8- Rhinestone Wedding Pen Set

Rhinestone wedding pen

Ivory Great Gatsby Wedding Pen Set by The END Boutique. See it here.

Going for a vintage wedding? Try pairing this gorgeous vintage pen set with your wedding guestbook. These pens are so elegant and come in several colors so your guests can choose to write with whichever color they like. Each pen is wrapped in satin and embellished with ostrich feathers on the top, giving them a unique and charming look.  

9- Twig Pens

Personalized pens

Rustic Wedding Guest Book Pens by Totti Designs. See it here.

Here’s another great idea for a rustic wedding pen to keep alongside your guestbook. These lovely twig pens are made of natural wood and can be customized according to your liking. They can double as favours for your guests who can take them home after signing in your guest book and be reminded of you and your special day every time they use them.

10- Rhinestone Wedding Pen Set

Vintage pen style

Vintage Wedding Rhinestone Pen Set by Vintage Heritage Shop. See it here.

Looking for a charming and elegant pen set to display next to your wedding guest book? We’ve got another one you’re sure to love! These gold pens have a rhinestone set at the top and carry a unique vintage look. The pens are from the 1980s and work well not only for vintage themed weddings but also for formal or semi-formal weddings. Perfect if you love antiques!

11- Peacock Wedding Pen Set

Peacock pens

Magick Peacock Wedding Pen & Ink Pot by Emily Steam Punk. See it here.

If you love peacocks, these gorgeous peacock pens with their mesmerizing colors would be a perfect choice for you to display alongside your wedding guestbook. They are made of real peacock features and come with their own little stand. The best thing about these is that they can be refilled and reused for years to come. If you like, you can give one to each of your guests to sign in your guest book and they can take it home as a keepsake and a good luck charm!

12- Reed Pens

Reed pen

Handmade Reed Pen by Mi Li Crafts. See it here.

If you’re having an outdoor, rustic themed wedding with a rustic wedding guest book, this unique reed pen would be perfect for you! Keep a few of these next to your guest book for your guests to sign with and they will surely find these very interesting and creative. The entire pen is made from reed stem so you will find it to be very light and it gives a special and magical feel to anyone who uses it.

Summing up…

When choosing a wedding guest book, determine the size of the book according to the number of guests you need to accommodate. If the book is too big for the number of guests, at the end of the day you will find most of the pages blank.

If you’re going for a guest book alternative like a 3D guest book, make sure that it is strong and sturdy so that it won’t break easily and that the paint won’t peel off.

When it comes to choosing the right pens to write on the guest book, check to make sure that the pen actually writes and that there’s no risk of it drying up suddenly. Choose the type of pen to match the guest book. For example, if you’re having a rustic guest book, go for a rustic pen as well. If you’re having a formal indoor wedding, it would be wise to steer clear of rustic pens which would spoil the formal look.

Another point to take into consideration is that some pens write well on paper but don’t write equally well on other types of materials. Therefore, make sure the pen you choose will write well on the material of the guest book.

We hope we’ve helped you in choosing the right wedding guest book and pen set for your wedding. Enjoy trying out something unique and have fun!