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How To Choose a Bridal Jumpsuit For Your Wedding Day

Bride wearing jumpsuit

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Say the word ‘bride’ and what comes to mind is a lady clad in a white dress. But there are so many other ways to get the bridal look without the dress and one of these is the bridal jumpsuit.

A bridal jumpsuit is ideal for a confident, non-traditional bride who wants to tread her own path. Here’s how to choose a bridal jumpsuit for your wedding day.

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When to Choose a Bridal Jumpsuit

white bridal jumpsuit

White Bridal Jumpsuit by Be Twins. Check price here.

A bridal jumpsuit is an adventurous choice. As a bride-to-be, you probably envisioned that you would be searching for the perfect dress, not the perfect jumpsuit. But there are so many stylish reasons why a bridal jumpsuit is a great choice. If you are daring with your fashion in real life – there’s no reason to hold back on your big day. This will probably be the outfit that you splurge on the most which is why you should stay true to your style.

Choose a bridal jumpsuit if you’re the type of bride that likes to push the envelope when it comes to style or if you would simply be more comfortable in pants. A bridal jumpsuit is also a unique option if you’re looking for a ‘second dress’ look that is unexpected.

Different Styles of Jumpsuits

You may think that bridal jumpsuits are a simple silhouette. But there is definitely more than one look that they can convey. Designers play with pant fit, fabric and bodice styles to create jumpsuits to suit different bridal styles.

Bohemian Bridal Jumpsuit

Bride wearing white bohemian bridal jumpsuit

Bohemian Lace Jumpsuit from Blush Fashion. Check price here.

If you’re a carefree bohemian bride, look for a jumpsuit that is equally as breezy as you are. Choose jumpsuits with a wide pant fit, crochet details or bell sleeves.

Flowing fabric such as silk, charmeuse or chiffon are less rigid and feel lighter. A belt or beading detail around the waist or neckline will add fancy to balance a casual vibe and will help your jumpsuit look a bit more bridal.

Traditional Bridal Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit definitely veers from the traditional white gown, but if you are looking for something that pays homage to tradition keep it classic in other ways. French lace fabric, illusion netting, and delicate beading are all synonymous with wedding dresses and will add an air of bridal beauty to your jumpsuit.

If you are wearing a jumpsuit as your reception outfit, find a dominant design element in your wedding dress – the pattern of the lace, motif designs or neckline – and mimic it in your jumpsuit. This will tie your two looks together nicely. 

Modern Bridal Jumpsuit

modern bridal jumpsuit

‘Renata’ Bridal Jumpsuit by Piondress Bridal. Check price here.

Fashion-forward brides with a modern or minimalist style are spoiled for choice with stylish bridal jumpsuits. Choose designs that feature clean lines; perfectly tailored wide-leg pants are a great example.

Balance a super sleek look with softer design elements to keep the overall feel of your jumpsuit feminine. Delicate illusion netting sleeves, an off-the-shoulder neckline or structured frill details can all balance sharp tailored lines to create a softer bridal look.

What to Consider When Choosing a Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit may sound like an easier option than a wedding dress, but getting the fit right can actually be a little more complicated. This is because there are more measurements to take into account.

There is the inseam of the pants; the adjoining bodice to the top of the inside leg; waist measurements and the length of the pant. All of these fitted pieces are connected, so in this way, a jumpsuit is less forgiving because it doesn’t have a long skirt or plenty of draping fabric to play with.

Your jumpsuit should fit like a glove. If any of these measurements are out, it can make the entire ensemble look ill-fitting. This is why you should get your jumpsuit fitted and measured with the same care that you would apply to your wedding dress.

Your Groom

Bride wearing frilly bridal jumpsuit

‘Willow’ Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit from by Catalfo. Check price here.

There are few looks stronger than a woman wearing a bespoke pair of pants, especially on her wedding day. But nothing looks better than a well-dressed handsome couple. As your outfits will be somewhat similar, it is a good idea to consider your groom’s ensemble and make sure that your looks don’t clash or feel out of sync.

For example, your groom may want to look extra dapper and don the sharpest suit he can. Ideally, you will want to match his level of formality and ensure that your jumpsuit isn’t too casual for his look.

It’s also a nice idea to add a little femininity to your jumpsuit by looking for frilly or flowing elements such as an off the shoulder neckline to keep your look less rigid or practical and more beautifully bridal.

How to Dress Up A Jumpsuit

If you’re concerned about not looking formal enough when wearing a jumpsuit, don’t stress. There are ways that you can dress up a jumpsuit to help add grandeur to your look.

Bride with detachable bridal jumpsuit train

Buy Wedding Jumpsuit With Detachable Train by Fuoma Daniel. Check price here.

Get the best of both worlds by wearing a detachable train or skirt with your jumpsuit. This works particularly well for making a walk down the aisle more dramatic as you’ll be able to see the pant from the front with a long trailing skirt flowing from the sides and back.

If you want to keep your look modern but like the idea of a little theatre as you walk down the aisle, consider wearing a flowing cape with your jumpsuit. A cape that flows from your shoulders and trails behind adds a beautiful, ethereal feel. Keep in mind that this draws attention to your shoulders and when paired with a jumpsuit can make the overall feel of your ensemble quite strong. To tone this down, choose a cape made of soft tulle or organza to add lightness to your look.

Choosing a jumpsuit with full pant legs that almost look like a skirt is also a great way to get the comfort and feel of a jumpsuit with the elegance of a dress. Take it to the next level by accessorizing with a beautiful diamanté belt to draw the eye toward your waist and bring the whole look together.

Wrapping Up…

As more women look for non-traditional looks and ways to express their personality and true style on their wedding day, bridal jumpsuits continue to become popular. If wearing a ballgown wedding dress has never interested you, then a bridal jumpsuit might be your perfect wedding attire.