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12 Best Wedding Arches for a Range of Styles (with Images)

Bride and groom under wedding arch

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A wedding arch is a beautiful addition to a wedding, be it an outdoor wedding or an indoor one. Choosing the perfect, well designed arch is just as important as finding the right dress since it plays a big part in setting the stage for a heartfelt and memorable day when you exchange your vows to each other in front of your closest friends and relatives.

The arch symbolizes the future home of the bride and the groom and its design plays an important role in the ceremony, holding sentimental value for the couple.

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When searching for the perfect wedding arch, you will find that there are endless options available to you. Wedding arches come in all sizes, styles and shapes! They are usually decorated with light fabrics, vines or flowers that come in the colors that suit the wedding theme. But they can also be angular, modern and avant-garde.

If you’re having trouble trying to find the perfect arch for your special day, we have put together a list of 12 gorgeous wedding arch styles that we believe will inspire you.

1. Wooden Wedding Arch

Bride under her wedding arch

Red Rose Winter Wedding Arch by Shea Satin and Silk. Check Price Here

This lovely wedding arch is decorated with a variety of real and artificial roses in three different shades along with pieces of artificial greenery. The combination of colors in this arch is perfect for an autumn or winter wedding. It also works well for a rustic wedding or an outdoor one and adds a simple and romantic touch. Keep the flowers even after your ceremony is over and use them to decorate your home at the holidays, saving a part of your special day for years to come.

2. Go Green

Green round wedding arch

Green Wedding Arch by Art Strong Node. See it here.

Greenery is quite popular for a wedding arbor since they go well with almost any florals and look gorgeous even on their own. Greens are versatile and refreshing to the eyes and they have a natural, relaxing effect that will hardly ever go out of style. If you want to add a rustic and organic look to your wedding, try a round green arch like this one. If you’re going tropical, adding some ferns, palms and monstera plants to the arch would suit perfectly.

3. Macrame Arch

Macrame wedding arches

Macramé Wedding Arch by Hello Chiqui. See it here.

Having a bohemian wedding? This romantic macramé arch would be just the thing for you! This piece is beautiful and unique and suits both indoor and outdoor weddings. It will surely add a special touch to your ceremony and create a memorable feature for the occasion. What’s great about it is that it can be reused. Once the ceremony is over, you could always use it as a door partition, a screen in your home or even as an accent piece for your headboard.

4. Drape Arches

drapes wedding arches

Wedding Arch Fabric Drape by Thea James Bridal. See it here.

Add a dreamy touch to your wedding by using drapes on your arch. Although most couples tend to think that drapes are ‘boring’, we couldn’t disagree more. Drapes are elegant in their simplicity and match well with any type of wedding. If you’re going for drapes, however, you’d want a smooth, flowy fabric that is easy to style and fold such as satin, charmeuse or chiffon. You can also try something different and go for blush or ivory shades to give it a gorgeous and richer look. Style with  matching florals and you’ve got yourself an ethereal look.

5. Hexagon Arch

Geometric wedding arch

Hexagon Wedding Arch by Eventory. Check Price Here.

Perfect for a modern or rustic themed wedding, this geometric arch offers an excellent backdrop for your special moments with a few flowers for embellishment. A simple way to up the look is to have it painted in metallic colors for a modern, avant-garde look. We love it because it is simple yet classic and would be an attractive addition to an outdoor wedding. Don’t forget to make sure that the structure is strong and can support the weight of the accessories so that it won’t fall over when the wind blows during the ceremony!

6. Triangle Wedding Arch

Triangle wedding arch

Triangle Wedding Arch by Further Still Artistry. See it here.

If you want to stand out with a different style of wedding arch, we recommend choosing a triangle arch decorated with some lush greenery and blooms at the base for an eye-catching look. It’s a simple but charming wedding arbor which is sure to give you an excellent backdrop for your wedding photos. This triangle is one of the most durable arches as it has a base that gives excellent support, making it nearly impossible to knock over so it perfectly symbolizes your union.

7. Moon or Crescent Arch

Flower moon-crescent wedding arch

Moon Arch by Trend Wedding Store. See it here.

If you’re looking to give your wedding a semi-formal look you can pull it off by trying this gorgeous crescent shaped arch. It adds a stylish and elegant look to your wedding arbor and we are sure you will love it! Moon shaped arches are the hottest trend in 2019 with more and more couples choosing them for their indoor or outdoor weddings. A crescent shaped arch has a slightly less formal look and can still have an overall dreamy appearance that you’re going for at the same time.

8. Balloon Arch

Round balloon wedding arch

Balloon Arch by Trend Wedding Store. See it here.

If you’re looking to have an unusual and bold wedding arch to say ‘I do’ under, why not try a unique balloon arch! Balloon arches will easily fit a modern, fun and glam wedding and can add a whimsical touch to your ceremony. You can try balloons in various shapes, looks and colors that would suit your wedding theme and you can also mix them up with greenery and lovely blooms. If you like, you can keep it simple and just have the balloons on the arch and it will still look gorgeous.

9. Diamond Shaped Arch

Geometric wedding arch diamond

Diamond Shaped Wedding Arch by Wedding Shop UA. See it here.

Looking for a simple and modern looking wedding arch as a ceremony backdrop? What about a gorgeous diamond arch decorated with greenery and blooms? This arch is perfect for almost any kind of wedding and adds dimension and individuality to the backdrop of the ceremony. Although geometric shaped wedding arches, like the one featured above, can be more costly than others, it’s completely worth it. You’re sure to love the classy look it brings to your photographs.

10. Fairy Light Arch

Fairy light wedding arch

Rustic Wedding Arch Backdrop with Lights by Allenjoy. Check price here.

Here’s another arch that would be an ideal choice for your wedding ceremony especially if it’s an evening wedding. Exchange your vows under the stars with a beautiful fairy light arch as a backdrop. The glow from the simple lights will add ambiance to your event, making your evening wedding magical and memorable. Make sure you plan for an extension cord however and an electrical outlet to power the lights so you won’t have any issues during the ceremony.

11. Driftwood Wedding Arch

driftwood wedding arch

Driftwood Wedding Arch by Maine Salty Girl. See it here.

If florals and classic wedding arches are not your style, a driftwood arch might just be the thing you’re looking for. Perfect for beach weddings, this type of arch can be used as is without any decorations at all, giving a very rustic look to your wedding. The best thing about driftwood arches is that they are perfect blank slates and you can style them with pretty much anything you like be it seashells, florals or tropical foliage. You can also use drapes and pampas grass to decorate them as well. And if you don’t want to throw it out, it can serve as beautiful garden arbor long after your nuptials are over.

12. Heart Shaped Wedding Arch

Flower heart-shaped wedding arch

Heart Shaped Wedding Arch by Art Strong Node. See it here.

Add a special and romantic look to your outdoor ceremony with this beautiful heart shaped wedding arch loaded with gorgeous flowers and greenery. If you like, you can always use balloons, seashells or fabric on it as well. Exchanging your vows under this arch is a great way to symbolize your love for each other and can be a lot cuter than the traditional arch designs. If you’re hoping for something unique, then this arch fits the bill.

Before You Buy

Before you go out and purchase your wedding arch, there are a few things that you might want to take into consideration.

  • You might want to check to make sure that the arch is sturdy and strong so that you know that there’s no chance of it falling over during the ceremony. If it’s a wooden arch, it would be best to have it polished or varnished so that it looks good on the big day.  Look out for any cracks that could possibly cause the arch to break down at the weight of the decorations placed upon it.
  • The ideal width and height for a wedding arch are 15 feet and 7-8 feet high respectively. It should be wide enough for the wedding party so that everything looks balanced and no one looks left out. However, this depends on the number of people in the wedding party and the type of decorations you plan to have on your arch.
  • Some couples prefer to make their own wedding arches by themselves since the finishing touches have a personal and totally unique look to them. If you’d like to make your arch by yourself, then go for it! Make memories with your loved ones, and it’s also a great way to save money.
  • Always ensure that the arch you choose fits the venue and the theme of the wedding. If you’re wedding is rustic themed, but your arch is made of shiny metal, it might make for a mismatched look. It should suit the theme and colors of the wedding for a cohesive overall look.

We hope you found our list of wedding arches useful and inspiring. Good luck and enjoy choosing the perfect arch for your special day!