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How to Choose Your Wedding Cake Table – A Guide

Wedding cake in black background

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The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most important parts of any wedding day. Even people who don’t like having large receptions and inviting too many people, still usually get a wedding cake and go through the traditional cutting of the cake.

However, if the wedding cake is so important, why isn’t the wedding cake table given much attention in most wedding planning guides?

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Well, the reason most people don’t give too much thought to the table is because it sounds pretty straightforward – you get a table and you put the cake on top of it. But there’s more to it than that, especially if you want to make the most out of this beautiful cake-cutting tradition.

Here’s how to choose and use the cake table at your wedding.

Match the table to the wedding theme

Wedding cake closeup

Just as you would do with everything else, the wedding cake table should also suit the theme of the wedding to tie the look together. If you’re going for a rustic style wedding, pick a rustic looking wooden table. If, on the other hand, your wedding is traditional and romantic, you might want to opt for a tablecloth covered table, with decorations to suit the theme. You get the idea. 

Figure out how heavy your cake is going to be

 The cake topples to the ground second after the newlywed couple have cut into it

Couple’s $550+ wedding cake falls to the ground. Source

You’d think most tables can carry the weight of a single cake, but it depends on the size of the cake. It’s not uncommon for large wedding cakes to weight up to 25 or 30 pounds and that’s without counting all the decorations that get put on the cake.

To avoid any accidents, make sure that the table can comfortably carry the weight of the cake and its decoration, and then double that. First, because you’ll likely have to move the table at some point with the cake still on it, and second, because someone might lean on the table accidentally and ruin everything

Consider the cake’s dimensions

Wedding cake on the table

Another common hiccup is getting a table that’s not big enough for the cake. Make sure to talk with the chef about exactly how big the cake and its holder are going to be and pick a table that’s big enough to house those dimensions. If you want to put decorations and memorabilia around the cake for the ceremony or to simply have some extra space for the plates and the knife, factor this into the table’s size as well.

Think about the location

Wedding cake closeup

You may have grown tired with the whole “Location, location, location” cliché after hearing it constantly when choosing the venue, the guests’ housing, and so on, but it matters for the cake table as well. During the reception you’d want the wedding cake to be displayed somewhere that’d make a difference – that’d draw the guests’ eyes and hold their attention. So, it’s important to pick a table that fits the location in terms of size and appearance.

Do you want a table with wheels?

When the venue is pretty big some couples choose to move the cake between 2-3 locations throughout the reception. Some couples like to roll the cake table to each of their guests’ tables and cut their pieces in front of their guests. Or, maybe you’ll want the cake to be out of sight throughout the reception, then wheel it in at the appropriate time, and then wheel it back into the kitchen after the first cut. Either way, a cake table that’s both stable and easily mobile is often a good idea.

How about extra compartments under the table?

Wedding cake on a table

Storing the cake plates and utensils under the table for easy access is often a good idea. But even if you have other plans for them (like returning the cake in the kitchen after the first cut and cutting the rest of it there), having at least one extra level beneath the table is almost always handy. If nothing else, it gives the table more stability which is always useful.

Are you going to need a glass-top table?

Glass table for wedding cake

One of the cooler types of tables for a wedding cake are those with a glass cover that’s lifted a couple of inches above the rest of the table. This will allow you to put the cake on top of the glass and place other things under the glass, making the whole ensemble even more beautiful in the process. You can place all sorts of memorabilia or decorations under the glass for a very effective display. This way you can also save some space as you won’t have to get a bigger table for all the decorations.

Another interesting idea is to get a cake with a mirrored surface that reflects everything above it. This can make the whole table much more spectacular than a simple tablecloth as it will reflect the light from the chandeliers above it, as well as the bride and the groom themselves.

In both these cases, you won’t be able to place an actual tablecloth above the table but that will hardly be a problem with such a spectacular table to look at.

How to Decorate Your Wedding Cake Table

Decorated wedding cake table

Now that you’ve found the right wedding cake table, it’s time to figure out how exactly you’re going to use it. Just throwing a white tablecloth on top of it can work well enough but it’s also boring and tired. Instead, decorating the cake table itself is a great way to make the whole moment much more memorable. Here are some ideas:

  • Place the cake table under an arch or on a bay window. This way even a standard, plain table will look much more majestic and will attract more attention. Garden arches and arbors are also excellent for outdoor weddings.
  • Consider “framing” the cake and/or the entire table. Any frame can work wonders as long as it fits the theme of the wedding, and it can be secured to the ceiling with small chains for extra security. This will turn the cake and its table into a beautiful picture that will forever be in your and your guests’ memories.
  • Decorate the cake table as well as the cake itself. You don’t need to just use rose petals like everyone else, you can be much more creative – you can use lighting, various accessories, and memorabilia, live flowers, pictures, garlands, ribbons, or anything else that would fit the wedding’s theme and make the cake and its table even more spectacular.
Wedding cake
  • If there are spotlights on the ceiling or the walls, have one aimed at the cake. Portable spotlights are a good idea too – you’ll be able to flood the wedding cake table with light giving it a lot of attention.
  • Candles can be a fire hazard if there are kids around but they can also be gorgeous. Almost regardless of what the theme and the style of your wedding are, a set of candles can always fit well with it and make the cake display even more beautiful.
  • Placing a glass cover over the cake can also be an eye-catching decoration that has some practical use – it will prevent kids from tasting the cake before its time, or from things dropping on the cake, and so on. Plus, it can look absolutely gorgeous! However, this is often perfect for smaller cakes.
Glass dome for wedding cake

Wrapping Up

Your cake table should match the theme of the wedding while providing a sturdy platform for the cake. Whatever type of decorations you choose to cover it with (or not), the table should complement the cake and not overwhelm it.