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Illusion Wedding Dresses – From Daring to Demure Ideas

Bride wearing illusion dress

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Your wedding day is a chance to flaunt your flair for fashion and show yourself off at your beautiful best. But because it is a day steeped in tradition, many brides often struggle to find the perfect balance between a dress that is subtly sultry without being too sexy.

Luckily modern brides can choose from many gorgeous wedding day dress designs that use illusion netting: a transparent fabric that can be used to create an elegant barely-there bridal look without the bride having to bare it all. Read on to discover how you can use illusion netting to find the right wedding dress for you.

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What is an Illusion Wedding Dress?

Unique illusion wedding dress

Illusion Wedding Dress by Katrin Favor Boutique. Check Price Here.

Illusion wedding dresses are a natural evolution from traditional wedding dresses designed with the classic fabric of choice: lace. Lace designs that feature details of various transparency have long been used to create alluring dress designs. Illusion netting works in much the same way, however, it allows for larger spaces between opaque fabric and details.

Illusion wedding dresses feature panels of sheer illusion netting. This transparent fabric can be used in many different ways – from helping to keep the structural integrity of daring dresses (think deep v-necks connected by sheer netting) to adding intriguing designs that feature three-dimensional appliqués that appear to be floating on the skin. Resulting designs range from daring bare gowns to demure designs that feature exquisite detailing.

What are the Best Silhouettes for an Illusion Wedding Dress?

WENDY  Long sleeve mermaid wedding dress/ Elegant lace bridal image 1

Illusion mermaid wedding dress by Selfa Bridal. Check Price Here.

Illusion wedding dresses work for almost all silhouettes, but they work best when the netting is used on fitted parts of the gown. For example, if you want to flaunt a semi-bare low back, a mermaid or trumpet gown that hugs the hips will work best as fitted designs keep fabric flush against the skin.

This is important because the most intriguing illusion wedding dress designs blur the lines between details and are part of the fabric and details that are seamlessly floating on the bride’s skin.

What is the Best Fabric for an Illusion Wedding Dress?

Illusion netting fabric itself is made of a version of very fine tulle – usually nylon or polyester based. If you are aiming for a nude look, try to match the illusion netting color to your skin tone. If you want to showcase netted panels or prefer to feel more covered up, you can opt for a white that matches your dress for an opaquer look.

The type of fabric that should be paired with illusion netting will depend on where it is used and how much support the netting will have to give. Illusion netting is quite delicate, so any fabric that hangs off it should be kept as light as possible. If you want to wear a full skirt, look for designs that get their volume from layers of soft tulle or light organza.

A-line wedding dress Reina Long sleeve wedding dress image 0

Illusion Wedding Dress by New York City Bride. Check Price Here

Fabrics with interesting decorative designs such as Chantilly lace, appliqué beading or appliqué lace work well with gowns that carry the design from the fabric onto the illusion netting. This adds interest to simple silhouettes such as A-Line gowns by playing with the edges of necklines and sleeves.

Pros and Cons of an Illusion Wedding Dress

Illusion wedding dresses give brides the freedom to wear more revealing wedding dress designs without having to bare their skin. This works particularly well for winter brides that want to balance a sexy look with a little warmth. Illusion netting sleeves and necklines also work well for brides that want to show some skin without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction as the netting helps to keep everything in place.

One downside to illusion netting is that it is very delicate. This will mean that you may have to be a little more careful not to tear your gown on your wedding day. A very fitted dress or dresses with illusion netting that incorporates buttons may also be less comfortable and a little fussier. But if this is the dream day look you’re after, the stunning design pros outweigh the cons.

Risqué to Refined Illusion Wedding Dress Ideas

There are many ways to have illusion detailing incorporated into your wedding dress. Here are some ideas:

Illusion All Over

Sparkle illusion wedding dress

Sparkling Illusion Wedding Dress by Chic and Crochet Shop. Check Price Here.

The most confident brides that want to show off all their wedding shredding efforts can choose from jaw-dropping designs that leave little to the imagination. These gowns are head-to-toe illusion netting with lace and fabric applied to areas around the hips and chest.

A Peep from Head to Toe

Side detail wedding dress

Side Detail Wedding Gown by Calliste Bride. Check Price Here.

Go one step closer to demure without losing any sex appeal by showing off some side body from head to toe.  Keep it classy by choosing a simple silhouette that isn’t too fitted.

See-Through Skirt

Bride wearing see-through wedding dress

Illusion Skirt Wedding Dress by Wedding Beautiful Day. Check Price Here.

If your legs are your favorite asset to flaunt, consider choosing a gown with an illusion netting skirt that bares just enough to captivate your guests as you walk down the aisle. Netting that carries the lace design through the skirt will also add interest to the design and keep it from looking like a sparse tulle skirt.

Barely-There Bodice

barely there bodice wedding dress

Strapless Illusion Wedding Dress by Rafaela Kalderon Store. Check Price Here.

Bold brides can choose a strapless bodice dominated by illusion netting to show off their upper body. Just be sure to balance the look with a tasteful silk or chiffon skirt that will help offset all the bare skin on top.

Beautiful Backless

Beaded backless wedding dress

Backless Wedding Gown by VanillaWFG. Check Price Here

Backless designs are taken to the next level with illusion netting allowing for deeper designs and more elaborate detail. Illusion netting helps to keep a low back flush against the skin, which means that low backs can get even lower.

A bare back is also the perfect blank canvas for brilliant beading and lace designs. Whether it is a simple row of silk-covered buttons, lace sprawling onto the back or a full display of elaborate beadwork, a bare back supported by illusion netting gives your gown a chance to dazzle at every angle.

Sultry Sweetheart

Sweetheart neckline illusion wedding dress

Wedding Dress by Mila Bridal. Check Price Here

Sweetheart necklines are a timeless choice for brides because they exude femininity. The use of illusion netting to create a sweetheart neckline takes this classic chic choice to the next level. What is traditionally quite a rigid neckline supported by boning can now be transformed into weaving lace styles that adds even more enchanting detail to your dream dress. Pair an illusion netting sweetheart neckline with almost off-the-shoulder sleeves and you have yourself an unbelievably pretty combination.

Captivating Cap Sleeves

Bride wearing wedding dress

Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress by VanillaWFG. Check Price Here

Cap sleeves are making a cute comeback thanks to the magic of illusion netting. Cap sleeves are can be quite harsh with the sharp edge making arms appear shorter. But illusion netting helps to soften cap sleeves and adds lightness to the shoulders by baring more skin. Look for designs that keep the neckline relatively bare to keep the focus around the lace or beading on the sleeves.

Not Your Average Neckline

Bride wearing unique-neckline illusion wedding dress

Sleeveless Wedding Dress by Mila Bridal. Check Price Here

A high neckline no longer means a completely covered chest with illusion netting. Perfectly placed pieces of fabric can give the impression of lace crawling up from the bodice. This gives high necklines a softer, more ethereal feel.

Lacy Long Sleeves

Bride wearing long sleeves illusion wedding dress

Long Sleeve Wedding Gown by Mila Bridal. Check Price Here

Sparse lace or beading on illusion netting sleeves are one of the most popular ways to incorporate illusion netting into wedding gowns. Lace can gradually begin to thin out as you move further down the sleeve for an intriguing organic look. Or opt for bare netting punctuated by an unexpected splash of lace at the cuff.

Chic Cover Up

Bride with white illusion wedding dress

Illusion netting cover up from Lace Time. Check Price Here

For something completely different, look for a beaded lace cover up made of illusion netting. This pairs well with minimalist dresses with sharp lines as the lightness of the cover up helps to soften the look. A translucent cover up also allows the design of the gown underneath to shine. Choosing a cover up with beading will add a playful touch, whereas lace details will keep the look classic and modest.

Wrapping Up…

Illusion netting offers a lot of versatility and style for your wedding dress, giving you the option to include elements you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It’s a modern trend and one that’s sure to last.