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12 Creative Mason Jar Ideas for Wedding Favors

Mason jar for wedding favors

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Wedding favors are a sweet and thoughtful way of thanking your guests for making it to your wedding and being a part of your special day. While you might like to give your guests something that they can take home and keep to remember your celebration, they are not a definite requirement. However, if you feel like you must send your guests home with a small something, why not go for some of these mason jar ideas we’ve got for you?

Mason jars are quite popular mostly for rustic, garden or country themed weddings because they have the look that goes perfectly with the theme. They make lovely decorations, hold snacks, drinks, utensils and even wedding favors for your guests. Guests will already love to have a take-home jar, so you can take it to the next level with these 12 creative ideas. These range in price from affordable to high-end to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

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Personalized Mason Jar Mugs

Personalized mason jars

Personalized Mason Jar Wedding Mugs by Suncoast Laser. See it HERE.

These personalized mason jar wedding glasses are an excellent idea for favors for your guests. They come with handles making them easy to hold, they are versatile and can be used as part of your wedding décor. After your nuptials are over, they can become lovely wedding favors for your guests to take home. They will find them useful and will be reminded of you every time they take a sip! Because of the higher cost of these jars, it’s best for smaller intimate weddings with only a few guests.

Mason Jar Candles

Mason jars with candles

Soy Mason Jar Candles by The Dancing Wick. Check price HERE.

Whether you’re planning to have a formal type wedding or a rustic themed one, these gorgeous mason jar candles will serve as lovely favors you can gift your guests. These jars have a classy appearance along with a touch of rustic that would suit almost any wedding setting with any kind of decor. Your guests will enjoy lighting them and the lovely scents that emanate from them. This is a natural soy product and does not cause any harmful gases so it’s perfectly safe for your guests to use in their homes.

Tea Light Holders

Fairy light mason jar as wedding favor

Mini Fairy Jar by Samrah Creations. See it HERE.

Here’s another great idea for mason jar wedding favors! This tea light holder is a decoupaged glass jar with a little fairy’s silhouette inside it. When the tea light is placed inside, it really comes to life and would look lovely both indoors and out. You can use these to light up your wedding, giving it a magical feel and afterwards your guests can take them home as favors.

Mason Jar Night Lamps

Mason jar night lamps wedding favors

Solar Powered Night Lamp Mason Jars by Uonlytech. See it HERE.

Looking for something unique and uncommon to give out as wedding favors? These mason jar night lamps fit the bill perfectly. Your guests will be impressed and charmed by these simple night lamps and it will surely be a talking point. This is a great gift since your guests can use them to decorate their homes. In addition to this, it will come in useful when the lights go out! The small LED light inside is powered by solar energy and the lamp itself is sturdy and durable so it can be used for ages.

Mason Jar Tea Favors

Mason Jar Favor Tea Favor Tea Wedding Favor Tea Party image 0

Tea Wedding Favor by Scarlet Acres. See it HERE.

This is another mason jar wedding favor your guests are bound to like. This 3-piece set includes a stainless-steel heart shaped tea strainer, a mason jar of tea, a homemade honey stirrer and a linen bag for the honey pop and strainer. It’s a perfect gift for any wedding setting, especially for guests who love tea! To mix up things a little bit, you can choose from a wide variety of tea options so that everyone won’t be getting the exact same favor.

Mason Jar Smores Cookie Mix

Mason jar favors

Smores Chocolate Chip Cookies by Natural Honey Bee. Check price HERE.

Perfect for vintage and rustic weddings, this smores chocolate chip cookie mix is a delicious wedding favor your guests will surely be excited about! You can choose from a large number of flavors with each one custom made and unique. Each jar makes a large batch of buttery cookies loaded with three different kinds of chocolate to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Yum!

Mason Jelly Jars

Empty mason jars

Pressed Glass Mason Jars by pbpaperie. See them HERE.

This classic mason jars are the perfect way to save on your wedding favors while giving your guests something that they’re sure to like. You can get as creative as you’d like with these and fill them up with jams, preserves, marmalades or jellies. They can also be used to hold herbs, snacks and even very small gifts. Whatever you decide to put inside, we guarantee that your guests will love these just as much as we do!

 Photo Holders

Mason jar photo holder

Mason Jar Photo Holder by A Dash of Charm. Check it out HERE.

Wow your guests with this very cute mini mason jar as wedding favors which also double as place holders. These can be customized to hold different florals and greenery, making them a highly versatile choice. Choose colors and/or flowers to suit your wedding décor.

Drinking Jars

Plastic mason jar favors

Plastic Mason Drinking Jars by Wrapping Me Up. See it HERE.

Here is a great idea for cool wedding favors you can surprise your guests with. Of course, you can just go out and buy a set of drinking glasses from the store, but that wouldn’t be as fun as using these lovely plastic mason drinking jars! These offer a cute, country look to the beverages and are perfect to keep as a keepsake. They’re ideal for a casual, outdoor wedding, like a backyard wedding with a barbecue.

Mason Jar Vases

Mason jar vase favor

Mason Jar Vase by The Pine Nuts. See it HERE.

If you want something simple and elegant to give your guests as wedding favors, why not give a beautiful mason jar vase? This is quite a unique and attractive piece of decoration that everyone is bound to love. Your guests can fix it up on their walls, put their favorite flowers in and it will be kept for ages as a reminder of your special day.

Save the dates favors

Mason jar favors

Country Wedding Save the Dates by Kseniya Revta. See them HERE.

These mini jars with sand, natural pinecones, glitter and your personalized message are ideal for a country wedding and give a naturalistic feel right from the start. They have all the elements to bring a country theme to mind, and can even be used as Save the Dates.

Mason Jar Place Card Holders

place card holder favors

Wedding Place Card Holder by Viviantreasury. See them HERE.

These pretty favors double as place card holders so you can kill two birds with one stone and still impress your guests. The jars contain real pressed flowers inside and are simple but have an elegant look. Each holder is unique and one of a kind and will be a colorful part of your wedding décor that’s sure to grab everyone’s attention!

Wrapping up…

When buying mason jar wedding favors, double check to make sure the jars don’t have any chips or imperfections. If you’re having personalized ones with your guests’ names on them, make sure the names are spelled correctly. Some of these mason jar ideas can be used on your wedding tables as place holders and décor before being taken home by guests.

We hope you enjoyed our mason jar wedding favor ideas. Have fun surprising your guests with favors they will love!