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Chubby Fingers? Here Are the Best Ring Styles For You!

Engagement rings for fat fingers

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Not every ring style will look the same on everyone. When choosing a perfect engagement or wedding ring, you should go for a style that flatters your hand as well as finger shape and size.

In this article, we’ll focus on chubby fingers and the ring styles and designs that best suit them.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Chubby Fingers?

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There are some challenges women with thicker fingers face but these can easily be worked around.

  • Finding the right ring size: Women with chubby fingers may find it difficult to find rings that fit, and therefore, the biggest challenge of all is figuring out the ring size. So, it’s important to educate yourselves and measure your ring finger before going shopping. You can use numerous ring sizers on the market, which will open you up to a vast selection of rings, especially for online shopping.
  • Ring styles that work: When it comes to styling, wearing bolder ring designs without any issue is the greatest advantage of thicker fingers. You can rock some statement rings with bigger and elaborate center stones that those with slimmer fingers may not be able to, and you don’t have to worry that the heaviness of the design will overwhelm your fingers.
  • Ring styles to avoid: On the other hand, simpler and minimalist ring styles can easily get lost on your hand. Additionally, smaller rings and thinner bands can be quite uncomfortable to wear as these can cut into your finger when opening and closing your hand. It would be best if you avoided these because smaller rings will make the size of your finger more pronounced.

Ring Styles That Will Best Suit Your Hand

When choosing a ring for a lady with wider fingers, the rule of thumb would be to opt for more extensive and decadent designs. These ring styles will show less skin and make the finger appear smaller.

Here are some tips you can use as a guideline for choosing the best ring styles that can visually elongate chubby fingers and make your hands look gorgeous and elegant.

Tip #1. Get Larger Focal Stones:

Large engagement ring stone

Larger focal stones and elaborate settings, like this halo emerald diamond ring, draw attention away from chubby fingers.

Chubbier fingers are ideal for bigger focal stones since they will draw attention from your fingers and visually slim them. However, if you have a limited budget, these could get quite expensive. Therefore, instead of diamonds, you could opt for other precious stones that are just as beautiful but more affordable, like sapphires.

There are other tricks to make the focal gem appear bigger. Consider a halo stone setting, where a central gem is surrounded by a number of smaller stones, making it look larger and stand out more.

Tip #2. Look for Wider Stone Settings:

Suppose you find wider and thicker ring bands uncomfortable. In that case, you can opt for a wider stone setting instead, as these will give you the same visual impact. This type of stone setting design covers the front of your finger, leaving no space on either side of the gem. As a result, your finger will look slenderer.

There are plenty of different designs and options to choose from:

  • You can never go wrong with a classic and elegant three-stone setting. In this setting, a center stone is accented by two diamonds or gemstones on its sides. This timeless design can be antique-inspired or modern and sleek and is ideal for optically slimming the finger. See a perfect example here.
  • Another option would be a horizontal or East to West orientation setting. This type of setting features a stretched gemstone or oval gemstone that lies horizontally across your finger, giving it perfect coverage and providing an excellent balance between the finger’s width and height.

Tip #3. Opt for Thicker Ring Bands:

If you want your fingers to appear slimmer, it makes sense to pick a ring with a thicker and wider band. Generally, rings that have a band of at least three millimeters will look flattering on a thicker finger. However, you need to be mindful of its thickness, as extra thick bands could potentially accentuate the thickness of a finger.

There are heaps of different thick-band ring options to choose from. You can go for a more modern and sleek design where the ring band width is the same as that of a gem. You can also opt for a split shank design, creating an illusion of a thick band without making the ring appear too bulky.

Tip #4. Find a Statement Ring:

You can get playful and use the unique opportunity that other people with thinner fingers can’t often do – wear bold designs and statement rings, like this Art Deco Inspired Floral Halo Engagement Ring. The larger and bolder the design, the more petite your fingers will appear. You can don just about any statement design and pull it off as a charming and beautiful accessory.

Here are some ideas for statement rings:

  • Wear colorful gemstones – Create a colorful and fun look by combining any shade and color with a diamond or another bright center stone.
  • Go for asymmetrical designs – On smaller fingers, bulky asymmetrical designs can look heavy and unbalanced. However, ladies with shorter and thicker fingers can easily pull these off and have them look avant-garde and modern. Use the opportunity and find a statement ring with an asymmetrical design to complement your style and character.
  • Finally, if you prefer a more classic and feminine style, go for a cluster ring that forms different geometric shapes or other unique designs like flowers or stars, like this stunning Diamond Cluster Setting. Alternatively, choose statement designs like this Open Lace Pave Diamond Halo Ring which are elaborate and intricate, grabbing all the attention on your finger.

To Wrap Up

If you have thicker fingers, it doesn’t mean that your engagement ring choice is limited and that you can’t find a ring that looks stunning on your hand. On the contrary, you have a world of options out there, even more than those with thinner fingers. You just need to be daring and creative, and your imagination will get you far. With our tips and advice, we’re confident you can find the right ring that you’ll love and cherish for decades to come.