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15 Jewelry Gifts for Her 40th Birthday

Jewelry gifts for her 40th birthday

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The fortieth birthday is a milestone in any woman’s life. By this age, she’s likely established her career, built a family and gained confidence that was harder to come by in younger years.

When choosing a jewelry gift for her 40th birthday, it’s important to go for something unique and personal. You’d also need to consider choosing something that’s a step up from the kind of gift you would give her on her other birthdays. Even if she already has a collection of fine jewelry, you may give her a one-of-a-kind, meaningful piece that suits her tastes and fashion style. In fact, it’s the perfect occasion for an upgrade, since she truly deserves something spectacular.

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Whether you want to show your eternal love to your spouse, celebrate friendship with your best friend, or say “thank you” to your mom on her 40th, we’ve rounded up the best jewelry gifts to make her feel special on her big day.

1- A Druzy Necklace

Druzy pendant necklace

Angel Wing Amethyst Necklace by Elizabeth Bayu. See it here.

A druzy necklace simply says, “You’re my rock!” Compared to faceted stones, druzy looks organic and has an earthy appeal. They’re real gemstones in their natural state, showing the layer of tiny crystals you often see in geodes. Some glitter like a fistful of tiny diamonds, while others look like sugar.

The unique thing about druzy is that no two stones will ever be identical. Quartz and agate are the most common in jewelry, but there are also sea green garnet crystals, rich blue azurite, as well as malachite and chrysocolla. If she loves something sparkly, get her a druzy coated with titanium or gold in iridescent finish. These stones are quite durable for everyday wear, so there’s no need to worry about the crystals falling or getting rubbed off.

2- A Cocktail Ring

Topaz cocktail ring

Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring by Artist Jewels Boutique. See it here.

For someone who loves parties and festivities, it’s a good idea to go bright and big with gems. A cocktail ring has an oversized center stone and is often made from silver, 10k, or 14k gold, as well as coated with plating. Since the stone is synthetic and the band is plated, these rings are relatively inexpensive, so it would be easy to find a piece within your budget. She’ll be able to make a style statement to all sorts of fancy events and add a touch of class and color to her casual ensembles.

3- A Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelet

14k Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet by James Allen. See it here.

A status symbol of the ’80s and ’90s, tennis bracelets are the latest jewelry trend to make a comeback this year, making them an ideal gift for her 40th birthday. Diamonds are a glamorous option, but you may also consider other stones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, topazes, aquamarines and citrines.

Tennis bracelets are versatile pieces that can easily be worn with anything, from classic pantsuit to cocktail dresses, t-shirts and jeans. Whether she wants to save it for special occasions or stack it with other bracelets, your gift will elevate her style statement.

4- Baroque Pearl Earrings

Baroque pearl earrings

Flower Pearl Earrings by Latelita London. See it here.

By the age of 40, many women already have the basics in their jewelry collection, so why not give her a pair of baroque pearl earrings that’s a bit bold and unexpected? While smooth and perfectly round pearls have been popular throughout the ages, baroque pearls with irregular shapes are currently a modern and fashion-forward choice. In fact, they’re a Parisienne favorite, appearing on the catwalks of Alexander McQueen, Burberry and Dior, the perfect choice for stylish, independent women.

5- Gold Chain Bracelet

Gold Chain Bracelet

Linked Bracelet by Blue Nile. See it here.

Whether it’s the modern paperclip chain or the chunky rope design, gold chain bracelets will never go out of style and look chic when stacked or worn alone. Pick a design that suits her lifestyle and personality. The best thing about them is that they created a sophisticated, layered look, regardless of the chain style.

While slim links are perfect for minimalists, mariner puffed chains work as statement pieces. On the other hand, curb link bracelets are perfect for ones who want an “ice me out” look. You can also opt for an interlocked design to add a chunky feel to the piece.

6- Birthstone Jewelry

Ruby and diamond earrings

Ruby and Diamond Earrings by James Allen. See it here.

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for her 40th birthday, you can never go wrong with birthstone jewelry that matches her style and personality. Each month has one or more gemstones associated with it, making the jewelry piece more personal. These stones are said to carry countless myths, legends and symbolisms.

For example, if she was born in September, sapphire is her birthstone, which is also associated with fidelity, romance and royalty. The month of July is represented by the ruby, which has a long association with power and wealth. For October celebrants, opal and tourmaline are the birthstones, respectively.

When choosing a birthstone gift, a solitaire pendant is a classic choice, but you can also consider a rivière necklace comprised of her birthstones graduating in size. A pair of gorgeous drop earrings over classic studs would also be ideal as a gift choice.

7- Diamond Jewelry

Evil eye diamond necklace

Evil Eye Diamond Necklace by James Allen. See it here.

Think of her 40th birthday as an opportunity to upgrade her jewelry collection. If she already owns a pair of diamond studs, you consider gifting her a diamond necklace in a unique design. Diamonds are forever so they’re an ideal gift to create lasting memories with your loved ones. In fact, they’re the perfect heirloom jewelry, in which the longer they’re worn, the more priceless they become.

8- A Timeless Watch

Diamond dial bangle watch

Diamond Dial Bangle Watch by Anne Klein. See it here.

Stylish and functional, a beautiful watch is a reminder to spend every moment with your loved ones. It can also be a creative way to say, “We are together for every second of the day.” It’s one of the jewelry pieces she can see all day long, reminding her of you. Choose a design that resonates with her personality, whether it’s a jewelry-like bangle watch, or a classic leather strap watch.

9- Cluster Earrings

Retro cluster earrings

Retro Cluster Earrings by Truly Venusian. See it here.

Take things up a notch with a pair of cluster earrings to add some drama to her look. These jewelry pieces feature crystals all grouped together, finishing off an elegant ensemble for an event. If she has a bubbly and playful personality, you might want to look at sparkling gemstones in vibrant colors. If you want something more versatile, opt for smaller earrings that can take her from boardroom meetings to parties.

10- Rose Gold Jewelry

Large Oval Huggies by Blue Nile

Large Oval Huggies by Blue Nile. See it here.

If she’s romantic by heart, the rosy hue of the rose gold metal would complement her perfectly, bringing out the blush tones of her complexion. Consider a pair of rose gold hoops or studs that give a refreshing take on a classic look. Mixing metals is regarded as trendy nowadays, so rose gold jewelry will go exceptionally well with the white gold and yellow gold pieces she already owns.

11- A Statement Cuff

Braided statement cuff

Wide Braided Cuff by Blue Nile. See it here.

Edgy and glamorous, cuff bracelets remind us of Wonder Woman, where the comic book superhero Diana wears indestructible cuffs on her both hands. Whether it’s a large, hammered gold design, encrusted with gems, or nature-inspired look, a statement cuff will make your loved one feel empowered and confident.

12- Vintage Jewelry

Vintage charm bracelet

Vintage Charm Bracelet by Manor Collectibles. See it here.

For vintage lovers and collectors, vintage jewelry is a treasure. If she’s into charms, think of jewelry designs that express luck, good fortune and protection. From hoop earrings to signet rings, gold chains, serpent watches and brooches, your options are endless.

If you’re going for designer jewelry like Bulgari or Cartier, always look for the signature of the designer that makes the piece credible. It might also be a good idea to opt for something that she can wear with modern ensembles, not a jewelry piece that looks costume-y and outdated.

13- Personalized Jewelry

Personalized bracelet

Gold Bar Bracelet by ANMA Jewelry. See it here.

Jewelry pieces can be personalized with engravings and various gemstones, so you can create your own design, be it a ring, earrings, or bracelet. Bring back the good old days with a bar bracelet engraved with coordinates where you first met, or make everything even more special with an initial or monogram detail.

14- A Locket Necklace

Basket woven locket necklace

Basket Woven Locket by Blue Nile. See it here.

There are many different types of locket necklaces available, but almost all of them are used for one common purpose: to hold photos of loved ones or special someone. While a locket with one frame is a perfect romantic gift for a girlfriend, an expanding locket is more ideal for women who love to keep photos of her family and children in the jewelry piece. Most locket styles are inspired from the Victorian-era, featuring ornate details and filigree design, but there are also modern options that look trendy and whimsical.

15- Affirmation Jewelry

Love Bracelet by Blue Nile

Love Bracelet by Blue Nile. See it here.

If she’s a dreamer and achiever in life, consider gifting her a jewelry item inscribed with one or more affirmative words like “believe,” “hope,” “faith,”  and “love”. After all, forty is a new and exciting chapter in her life and affirmation jewelry will inspire her to soar higher.

Wrapping Up

Jewelry gifts are great for adding a dash of fun and playfulness to the celebration. Finding the perfect 40th birthday gift for her might be a challenge, but with the right consideration of one’s unique personality and sense of style, you’ll be able to choose the perfect piece that marks the occasion. As long as your gifts are given with love, she’ll surely cherish it forever!

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