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What is a Dancing Diamond?

What's a dancing diamond?

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Just when you thought there wasn’t anything left to innovate with diamonds, the mysterious term ‘dancing diamonds’ has begun to permeate the jewelry scene. What are dancing diamonds and how do they ‘dance’? Here’s a look at one of the most statement-making, eye-catching and technologically advanced ways to set a diamond.

What is a Dancing Diamond?

Dancing diamonds refer to a unique way that a diamond is set so that it responds to the wearer’s movements by vibrating and ‘dancing’.

In this style, the center diamond is suspended by two fine horizontal points that hold the diamond in position. These points anchor the diamond to its setting without the use of prongs or bezels. What this does is offer the diamond flexibility to move, as it’s not rigidly fixed into position nor is it touching the wearer’s skin.

Dancing diamonds respond to even the most subtle movements, continually vibrating and trembling in position. The result is a show-stopping look, as the diamond continuously interacts with light. This offers maximum sparkle, drawing all eyes to the diamond.

Who Created the Dancing Diamond?

The dancing diamond concept was created by the Japanese designer, Hidetaka Dobashi, who conceived the idea for the concept in September 2010 but took over a year to create the first piece of dancing diamond jewelry. This design has been patented.

It’s easy to see why the creation of the concept took Dobashi over a year. It’s not an easy design to make, requiring tremendous skill and technology.

Where to Buy the Dancing Diamond?

Because this is a patented design, you won’t find the dancing diamond at most jewelry stores unless they’re licensed dealers. However, today, there are many similar designs on the market. For example, this 1 Carat Moissanite Diamond Halo Pendant features a vibrating design and a beautifully sparkling center stone. Dancing hearts, like this Heart Diamond Pendant are an affordable and romantic gift for someone special.