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Knife Edge Rings – What You Need to Know

Knife edge wedding ring closeup

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Knife edge is a type of ring shank that gives any ring design a distinctive, stylish look. It’s a modern choice and one that’s rising in popularity if you want a slight twist on the traditional look of a classic ring.

Let’s take a look at knife edge ring designs and why they make a good choice for engagement and wedding rings.

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What is a Knife Edge Ring?

Knife edge shank vs. traditional shank side by side. Check price difference.

A traditional ring shank has a smooth round surface with no sharp points or angles. A knife edge ring is a little different.

Here, the ring shank has a sharp edge running around the outer circumference of the ring. This creates an interesting look, as if the ring shank is divided into two sections by an angled edge.

Knife edge ring shanks come in a range of styles and variations. The band can be plain or embellished with diamond pave, milgrain detailing or other elements. The knife edge can run around the entire ring or just half of the ring.

Knife Edge Ring Designs

The knife edge detail is perfect for both men’s and women’s rings. Depending on the width of the band, the knife edge can be very pronounced or very subtle.

For men’s rings, it gives a masculine, sharp look and adds detail to a plain band. Knife edge detailing can be crafted onto any type of metal, even alternative ones, which gives you a lot more options.

Men's titanium knife edge wedding ring

Men’s titanium knife edge ring by Titanium Knights. Check Price Here.

One design we love for men’s rings is the asymmetrical knife edge, where the edge goes diagonally across the shank. This gives an uneven modern look to the ring and elevates the design.

asymmetrical knife edge ring

Asymmetrical knife edge ring by Averie Jewelry. Check Price Here.

For engagement rings, the knife edge shank tends to make the center gemstone look bigger. Because the knife edge looks like a thin band when viewed from the top, the gemstone appears to pop against this thin edge appearing larger in contrast to the band’s apparent width. However, from the side, the band looks like a regular ring shank.

Round shape diamond engagement ring

Knife edge engagement ring by Blue Nile. Check Price Here

Simple solitaire knife edge rings with a plain unembellished band emphasizes the sharp edge as well as the center diamond. However, knife edge shanks with a lot of detail makes for a striking, eye-catching look. The edge of the band is an ideal area for details to create a border, like the milgrain detail in the ring below.

Knife edge pave engagement ring

Knife edge with pave and milgrain detail. Check Price Here.

If you have a knife edge engagement ring, the best wedding band to match this would be a matching knife edge ring. Here, both rings would be flush against each other, with sharp peaks and slopes.

However, if you don’t want a matchy matchy look, pick a wedding ring with a different shank type like comfort, straight or tapered. The point to note is whether you want a gap between your rings and whether the engagement ring is high or low set as this will affect the type of wedding band you choose.

Problems with Knife Edge Shanks

We’ve already discussed the pros of knife edge ring shanks – they’re cool, modern, make the diamond or gemstone appear larger and they’re unique. However, what are the problems with knife edge rings?

There are two main issues people complain of:

Knife edge rings can get dented or damaged on the sharp edge because it’s thinner and less durable. If you hit your knife edge ring against a hard surface, there’s a chance you’ll see a slight scratch or dent there.

Some people find knife edge rings uncomfortable because you can feel the ring pressing against your other fingers more than you would a smooth, round band. This is a subjective experience, however, as some people love the feeling and quickly get used to it, while others prefer a smoother band.

Here’s what some of our readers say about wearing the knife edge:

Nadia: I have a knife edge solitaire. For me it never hurts, and the edges don’t feel sharp. I don’t know, maybe it depends on the shape of your fingers? Anyway, I don’t even notice it’s there anymore and I think it looks really nice.

Jane: What I love most about the knife edge is that if you look at it straight on, it looks really thin and dainty. But when you look at it from an angle, it’s quite substantial like any other ring. So, it’s not boring. You get a different perspective however you look at it.

Where to Buy Knife Edge Rings

Knife edge rings are becoming increasingly popular and most retailers carry this ring design. We recommend buying your ring from a trustworthy and reputable vendor known for the quality of their ring settings.

James Allen offers an impressive range of knife edge engagement rings and matching bands. They’re known for their competitive prices, stunning ring settings, unparalleled diamond imagery and excellent customer service.

Blue Nile is another retailer that we recommend checking out for knife edge rings. They offer an excellent range of knife edge ring designs at reasonable prices. The company is known for being among the oldest of online retailers.