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Planning a Virtual Wedding – 8 Practical Tips

Virtual wedding tips guide

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The excitement and thrill associated with weddings are unmatched which is why changing your original wedding plans can be devastating. However, you don’t necessarily have to cancel or postpone your special day. Instead, you can always choose to have a virtual wedding which can be just as fun and memorable as the real thing.

If you’re having second thoughts about streaming your wedding virtually, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ve put together some valuable tips to help you plan your virtual dream wedding.

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How to Plan Your Virtual Wedding

Virtual wedding tips

Though internet weddings may seem different and strange, they’re also very doable and can be a lot of fun. Here are eight practical tips for an unforgettable virtual wedding experience.

1- Choose a convenient date.

This is the most important tip since the last thing you’d want is to set a date when everyone’s busy and unavailable. This can be challenging since your ‘guests’ should be available and online at the right time so they can be a part of your special day. Set a date that’s convenient for the majority of the people on your guest list and remember to avoid working days and public holidays.

Remember to also consider the availability of your wedding venue when looking for a date. Luckily, a virtual wedding can be held anywhere so having a fancy venue isn’t a must.

2- Choose a platform.

Once you’ve decided on the date, find an ideal platform to hold your virtual wedding. Some of the most popular platforms include Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Google Hangout and Instagram live. If you’d prefer to hold private live streaming, you can check out applications such as WebWed.

Before choosing a platform, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How tech-savvy are your guests?
  • Do they have stable internet connectivity?
  • Are their devices compatible with the platform you’re thinking of choosing?
  • Are your guests familiar with the platform you’ve got in mind?

It would help if you follow up your invite with a how-to guide to help your guests easily log in your virtual wedding session.

3- Test your tech before your wedding day.

To make sure that nothing will stand in the way of your virtual wedding session, test your tech and devices. Your venue should have a stable and speedy internet connection. Keep a back-up generator just in case of power failure. It would also be wise to have a technician double-check all your equipment to make sure that everything’s working fine.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, make sure you’ve also got high quality audio equipment. Consider getting noise cancellation microphones and good lighting equipment as well. You can consult with an expert photographer on how best to do this.

4- Send out invitations.

Wedding invitations

The main difference between a virtual wedding and an ordinary one is the venue; internet versus physical location. Wedding rules in general and procedures like sending wedding invitations still apply in both, so send out those invites for your virtual wedding. Your loved ones may not have to dress up for the wedding, but at least they’ll still be a part of your experience.

Instead of sending paper invitations, you can send them over the internet. Hire a good designer to make beautiful customized online invitation cards. You’ll find it’s much cheaper than sending out physical cards and it’s also sustainable.

5- Make a playlist.

A good wedding playlist is a must-have for your virtual event since it’s important for setting the day’s mood. When making your playlist, choose songs that both you and your partner love. If you have trouble doing it on your own, hire a DJ to help you compile the playlist.

Let your playlist leave a lasting impression on you (as a couple) and your virtual visitors. Choose songs that are romantic and lively. Holding a wedding virtually doesn’t mean that you’ll be missing out on your first dance so ensure that you have your special song included in your playlist.

6- Send gift boxes before the day.

Wedding favors for guests

Sending your loved ones customized gift boxes before the wedding day is a beautiful way of making them feel special and involved. The gift boxes can include items such as:

  • The invitation card
  • The wedding program (or agenda)
  • Flowers and ribbons
  • Champagne

There are no hard and fast rules as to what should be included in the gift box. You can add in slices of your wedding cake and anything else that you’d like to share with your guests. Don’t forget to add in a personalized thank you note to show them how much you appreciate them being a part of your special day.

7- Dress up for your day.

A virtual wedding is just as real as any other wedding, so wear your beautiful bridal gown with pride. It’s perfectly fine if you prefer an alternative dress for your virtual wedding. Whatever you choose, make sure it looks good on you and that you feel perfect and beautiful in it. Virtual or not, a bride should look her best on her wedding day so find a gorgeous dress that accentuates your features, lightens up your mood, and boosts your confidence.

8- Style your hair and makeup.

Even though the pandemic safety regulations have made it tough for hair and make-up artists to provide in-person services, this shouldn’t stop you from looking attractive on your big day. If you’re unable to find someone to do your hair and makeup for you, you can always do your own.

Bride doing makeup

If you’re not good with styling, watch some YouTube videos on simple makeup and hairstyling routines. Keep things simple, just to be on the safe side. Add on some basic mascara or lipstick and remember not to overdo it.

Since you’ll be on camera for the most part of your virtual wedding, consider make-up that gives your skin matte look. Shiny makeup will make you look unnaturally shiny on screen.

For your hair, start preparing in advance. Follow a strict regimen of cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing to make your hair look and feel healthy on your wedding day. Style it in a way that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Wrapping Up

Although your loved ones won’t be with you physically on your wedding day, a virtual wedding will give you the chance to share your memorable experience with them. Being positive throughout the planning period will help you to make your day special and reduce stress. The most important thing is to make the most out of it and have fun planning your virtual wedding.