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Top Types of Wedding Shoes – A Complete Guide

Bride deciding on her wedding shoes

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On your wedding day, you are every bit the princess of your own fairytale. You’ve snagged your prince charming and picked a dress to wear to the ball. Luckily, you won’t need to summon a fairy godmother to craft your glass slippers as the choices abound. The trouble might not be the amount of choice but rather… too much choice.

When picking your wedding shoes comfort and beauty are key factors to consider and often there’s a trade-off between the two.

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We can go on about every possible kind of shoe a bride can wear at her wedding, but frankly, there’d be no foreseeable end to the list. Instead, we’ve come up with 5 categories of wedding shoes to consider for your wedding ensemble.

1- Ballet Flats – Understated Brilliance

Wedding Shoes

Bridal ballet flats by The White Ribbon. Check price here.

Ballet flats are functional, comfortable, and reliable. This has always been the case since its earlier existence for ballet performers. Iconic beauties such as Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn later popularised ballet flats in the 50’s and 60’s which have since become a timeless pair that every woman has (or should have) in her wardrobe.

An elegant pair of white or champagne-colored ballet flats is an impeccable choice for the laid-back bride. These flats have an effortless appeal that will tie together a chic, romantic ensemble perhaps in lace or tulle, and will work well in any outdoor setting.

Regardless to say, worrying about blisters or stumbling on your dress will be the least of your worries with these trusty pairs on!

2- Boho Sandals for Free Spirits

Bride wearing boho wedding sandals

Boho wedding sandals by Pinky Promise Accs. Check price here.

Bohemian or Boho-style sandals are another great option for easy-going brides who want to put comfort first while expressing their free-spirited style. These shoes are usually flat and feature straps, prints and beading that exude a youthful vibe.

For your wedding day, pick a pair with romantic embellishments like pearls, crystals or lace to elevate your look. Sandals would be perfect to wear with a light, flowy dress to a beach wedding or an intimate cliff-side rendezvous. 

3- Head Over Heels In Love

Heels are the timeless shoe style that make a woman feel confident, tall and gorgeous. We had to break down this category further, as there are so many types of heels and each has a personality and purpose of its own.


A popular style of heels, stilettos originally only referred to the signature thin, pointed heel. Nowadays however, stilettos refer to the shoe as a whole. They usually come in heights of 2 to 5 inches, while some with platform soles can be up to 10 inches tall.

Nothing says, “I’m powerful and confident!” like a towering pair of heels that can be worn with pretty much anything. High heels work their magic by elongating your legs and improving your posture, therefore adding grace to your movements.

In fact, many women swear by slipping into heels to uplift their mood, whether they pair it with ripped jeans and a t-shirt, a flirty cocktail dress, or – you’ve guessed it – the wedding dress of their dreams.

Bride wearing black wedding stilettos

If you want to amp up the drama on your wedding day, feel free to don a pair of stilettos for that much needed confidence boost on the most important day of your life. Just make sure that you pick a height you’ve worn before and are comfortable in, as your wedding isn’t exactly the best time to experiment on new heights. Consider the terrain as well that you’ll be walking on throughout your celebration. They will surely help you stand tall and elegant in a cathedral wedding or perhaps a lush rooftop affair, but it’s best to keep them away from uneven ground and wet surfaces.

Here are some tempting stiletto looks we’ve rounded up for you:

Closed-toe Pumps:

A bold shoe statement like closed-toe stilettos are perfect for tea-length or ankle-length wedding dresses. Wear them in a contrasting color for added drama (think: Carrie Bradshaw in blue Manolos during her civil ceremony with Mr. Big!) or stick to classic whites and blacks for a traditional, sophisticated look.

Bride wearing closed toe pumps

Blue closed toe pumps by Walking On Air. Check price here.

Open-toe Shoes:

Also called peep-toe shoes, this style features a narrow opening in front, perfect for showcasing a fresh pedicure. They can come with a fully closed back or sling-back closure for a flirty appeal. They’re also quite comfortable as there’s space for your toes to move so you won’t feel a pinch in the front of the shoes if the shoes are a little tight.

Open toe wedding shoes

Open toe stilettos by Christy Ng Shoes. Check price here.

Strappy High Sandals:

Slip into strappy sandals in a stiletto heel for a look that screams sexy and fearless! Pick a pair with elegant embellishments or a metallic sheen for a lustrous visual treat when you hit the dance floor.

Bride wearing strap wedding shoes

Wedding sandals with straps by Pink to Blue. Check price here.

Block Heels

Block heels are the sensible choice for brides who want the height, but not the wariness that comes with sky high heels. While stilettos are characteristically thin, long, and pointed, block heels are chunky and come in square or cylindrical shapes. This means that your shoe will have a better grip and will allow more freedom in movement.

Bride wearing white block heels

Block heel sandals by Pelino Sandals. See them here.

You can comfortably wear block heels underneath a floor-length wedding dress, and gracefully carry a train too. It’s a great alternative to pointed heels especially in a garden or patio venue, where the terrain is less forgiving for missteps.

You’ll find many shoe styles that feature a block heel – closed, peep toe, sandals and boots. You won’t go wrong with this practical style. For a modern take, try them in transparent straps and heels – it’s the perfect dupe for Cinderella’s magical pair!

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels for wedding day

Nude kitten heels by Christy Ng Shoes. Check price here.

A kitten heel is a short pointed heel, usually 1 to 2 inches high, with a subtle curved shape at the edge of the shoe, giving it a funky feminine vibe. It’s somewhere between stilettos and flats, and ladies either love or hate them for this.

Kitten heels would be perfect on tall, slender brides that don’t really need a lot of height but want to add a subtle punctuation on their ensemble.

Like the stiletto, kitten heels are a great way to make a statement with a minimalist outfit. If you’re a modern bride walking down a marble aisle in a white pantsuit or slinky midi dress, the kitten heel is an excellent option.


Bride wearing wedding wedge

Check the price here

You can easily identify a wedge if the same material forms the sole and the heel of the shoe at the same time. They come in varying heights and styles, but all work the same in providing a stable grip. Wedges are no doubt stylish and versatile especially for everyday use; but are they special enough to wear to your wedding?

The general look of wedges can be bulky but are proven to be very useful when it comes to traversing uneven surfaces. If you’re having a beach, barn, or garden venue, consider wearing a wedge in muted colors so that it doesn’t emphasize the dimensions further.

Depending on the make and the style, wedges can look clunky and heavy or chic and sophisticated. Choose a pair that complement your feet and dress without coming across as too chunky.

4- Booties and Sneaks

Personalized wedding sneakers worn by bride in wedding day

Personalized wedding sneakers by Lovin Collection. Check price here.

Booties can come in many different heel heights as well, but they all have one unique feature -they cover most of your feet just as socks do. Sneakers on the other hand, are generally made of rubber and are normally designed for sports.

We know what you’re thinking – why are these casual footwear options in a list of wedding shoes?

As casual as they seem, wearing booties or sneakers to a wedding can be a uniquely endearing statement for brides who want to express their everyday style on their wedding day.

Just as not every bride dreams of walking down the aisle in a white dress, some brides prefer to slip into shoes which can withstand any test of weather and a whole night of dancing. You can also have your shoes personalized to make them extra special.

What to Consider Before You Choose Your Wedding Shoes

When choosing your wedding shoes, the main factors you need to consider are:

  • Personal style
  • Comfort
  • Budget
  • Venue you’ll be walking on
  • Dress length –
  • Partner’s height (if you don’t want to be taller than him/her)

Your choice of wedding shoes can either complete your look or steer it into a totally different direction.

We hope we’ve inspired you with unique shoe choices for your special day, and hopefully you find a style that truly speaks to you.